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Best SEO Tools every SEO Expert Need

Hay buddy, thanks for visiting seoexpert Team. We are a team of professional SEO experts and we know how major search engine algorithm works to place a website at the top of the search page. Today we are going to help you to find out some best SEO tools that will help you to monitor your websites. Besides you will be able to monitor your competitor’s website. Our aim of writing this article is to help you out to analyze your website as well as your competitor’s website so that you can get Better Search Engine Rank Position (SERP).

In this Article we will be discussed some amazing SEO tools for Website checker, Keyword analysis tools, Google rank checker, Keyword density checker, and many more. So let’s start with Website checker.


Website checker – Free and paid Website Analysis Tool

Nowadays Google is focusing on overall website performance. It includes, site speed and page loading time, Site Responsiveness and Mobile Friendliness, on page optimization, Backlinks quality and relevancy and much more. If you own a website, you must need to analyze your website frequently to check your Site’s overall Performance. So Website Checker tools are primary SEO tools that every webmaster need to use. So here are two Website checkers you can use to check your website SEO score and performance:

Sitechecker – On-Page SEO Score Checker Online (Free and Premium)

Sitechecker is one of the best tools to check your website Performance, On-page and off page SEO Score. It will give your website’s Comprehensive SEO Audit result. It is not only gives you SEO result but also gives you ultimate guides to fix the issue that might need to improve your. If you can make sure the proper use of Sitechecker, it will help you to Increase Website Traffic.

It is very easy to use. You just need to open sitechecker.pro then paste your website URL and click “Check” Button. It will show you Comprehensive SEO Audit Results including Content optimization, Search optimization, Images optimization, External and internal links report and Page Speed Score and ultimate guide to fix if there are some issues with SEO Audit Results.


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  • The Easiest to Use
  • Free Subscription
  • Comprehensive SEO Audit Results
  • Browser Extension for Quick Search
  • Proper guide to Fix Warning Issue
  • Download reports in PDF format
  • Find content Duplication Issue
  • Check on-page SEO parameters
  • 24/7 Monitoring by Professional and Fix issue that might hurt your website (only for Pro membership)



  • Need to open an account
  • Only homepage SEO audit for free users
  • Only 1 Active Website

All kind of Cons can eliminate by getting a premium Membership. I suggest you to have a premium Membership which will cost you only $8 per month. If you have some warning in your website and if you are not expert in fixing, then I suggest you getting a Pro membership plan ($45 per month). This is absolutely worth to get a Pro membership for a business site.



NeilPatel’s SEO Analyzer

Nail Patel is one of the most popular internet marker and SEO expert. Nail Patel has launched his own Website checker tools Called “SEO Analyzer”. This is one of the most popular free Website checker SEO tools for quick SEO audit.

SEO Analyzer has 3 major features

  1. Website Analyzer
  2. Competitor analysis
  3. Keyword Ideas

Website Analyzer tools

Website Analyzer of “NeilPatel’s SEO Analyzer” is really amazing tool to check your page level SEO Score and site loading speed score. This tool is also suggest some recommendation to increase your site’s both page level and speed level score. Website Analyzer also shows the preview of your website. It shows how your website will be seen in different devices.

Competitor analysis tool

Another feature of NeilPatel’s SEO Analyzer is Competitor analysis. By using this tool, you will get a basic idea about the SEO scores of your Competitors. You can compare your site with 3 of your competitors at a time. Honestly’ this is not the best tools of what we really mean by “Competitors Analysis”. If you want to analyze your competitors then my suggestion would be Ahrefs, which will be discussed later in another article.

Ubersuggest Free Keyword analysis Tool

Ubersuggest is my all-time favorite Keyword research tool. Recently Neil Patel had acquired Ubersuggest and makes it free for all users. It’s really amazing tool to get keyword idea. You will get some excellent keyword idea including long tail keyword for easy ranking. Just put your main keyword and hit “LOOK UP” button. It will show you thousands of KW’s with monthly search Volume, CPC and competitiveness information. You can also select keyword suggestions from Google Keyword Planner and Google suggest. You can easily choose the best keyword for your niche site which will be easier to rank with.



  • Free for Everyone
  • Browser add-on (Keywords Everywhere)
  • Keyword suggestion based on recent Google trends
  • Easy to Use
  • Export keyword in Excel



  • Does not support Amazon and other useful APIs

Main competitor of Ubersuggest Keyword analysis Tool

There are also many other Keyword analysis tools available in the market but KeywordTool.io is the main competitor of Ubersuggest. Keywordtool.io is definitely an amazing Keyword research tool available in the market. It has the best user interface and easiest to use. They suggest the best keywords list with search volume, CPC, Trend and Completion detail. It also suggest Keyword from different search engine like, Google, YouTube, Bing, Amazon, eBay and App Store with maximum possible languages. This Keyword tool suggests more accurate niche relevant long-tail keywords compared to Ubersuggest.



  • Very much User friendly
  • Simple and amazing interface
  • High KW’s relevancy with long tail KW
  • Extremely fast and Easy to use



  • Extremely costly

Ubersuggest vs KeywordTool IO

In spite of being fast and user-friendly, KeywordTool IO remains one step behind of Ubersuggest because Ubersuggest is absolutely free for the KW volume feature they provide. Keyword Everywhere (I personally use it always) is an amazing free Browser tools offered by Ubersuggest. This kind of amazing features will not be found by $88/monthly subscription with KeywordTool IO. So I always prefer Ubersuggest for keyword idea.