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There is a common question I got from a lot of guys that, “Does negative SEO still exist in 2018?”

My answer of this question is YES!. It does exist and it will exist as long as search engine keep working. Due to the improvement of Google Search algorithm, Negative SEO has become easier than before.

Why am I saying like that?

Well, if you search for the keyword “Is SEO Dead in 2018 ?”, you will find thousands of articles, thread, and other discussion about this topic. World biggest internet marketers like Neil Patel and Brian Dean are also talking about “if the SEO is really dead in 2018” The discussion ends with a common statement, that SEO is not really dead but it has become the most difficult task. If you make a single mistake of doing SEO, your website is gone. And most of time the mistake comes with link building strategy. Now a day’s Google keep eyes strongly on link profile of a website. If there is irrelevant or unnatural links are found, Google drop the site from search page.

In the begging of this year, Thousands of website lost their ranking after Google Algorithm update on March 9, 2018. I personally know some affiliate marketer (Amazon & Clickbank) who lost traffic by more than 70% after the update. Some of them got back to rank by scanning and monitoring their link profile. They didn’t have huge links profile or never been negative seo attack, still they are dropped.

Now think, what will happened if someone create thousands of back links. It is obvious and sure shot way to rank drop a site with bulk spam quality links. So, if you want to drop rank or looking for Negative SEO Services, then check our package.

Spam Negative SEO Links Attack
Package Trail Mega Destroyer***
Links 100,000 500,000 1 Million

? All of them are Blog Comments

? Mix of Do-follow/No-follow (mostly no follow)

? Links from High OBL URLs

? Links from Different language URLs

? Quick Index

? Increasing Spam Score

? Increasing Spam link profile

? I will Give you full report and 24/7 Support.

? I will take 15 days max to complete

Delivery time 10 Days 12 days 15 days
Price Contact for Pricing
Contact for Pricing Contact for Pricing


Negative SEO Services
Copy Paste Attack


I will copy 5 article and publish to 10 Web 2.0 blogs I will copy 10 article and publish to 10 Web 2.0 blogs I will copy 20 article and publish to 10 Web 2.0 blogs
No of post 5×10=50 Posts 10×10=100 Posts 20×10=200 posts
Time 5 days 7 Days 10 Days
Price Contact for Pricing Contact for Pricing Contact for Pricing


Full Negative SEO Services

If you are looking for Full Negative SEO Services, please contact us via email ( seo247527@gmail.com) or Skype “seo247527”

Full Negative SEO Attack Includes

? Bulk and Low Quality Back-links

? URL Redirects

? Adult anchored links

? Hidden links

? Duplicate Content attract

? PPC Attack