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what is digital marketing ?

what is digital marketing

Digital marketing guide for a beginner

Marketing has been the difference between the success and failure of many businesses. For your business to be successful, it will need a good marketing plan and a good marketing plan must include digital marketing or what we can call online marketing. Digital marketing includes advertising on TV and Radio but what comes in most people’s mind when they hear the term digital marketing is online marketing.

That’s why our main focus in this article is to show you how to dive in online marketing and make it. To keep up with the speed of online marketing, you will need to have a strong foundation, think critically and most importantly, you will need to be creative. There are many guides that you can find online, some of them free and others for sale but we felt the guides lacked to equip a beginner with the essentials for making it in digital marketing.

This guide is for beginners but even the experienced marketers can pick a thing or two from it. Please read the guide from the beginning to the end so that you can get a clear picture and feel confident to begin digital marketing.

Your customers should be your priority

Your customers are your life-time partners so you should treat them with the utmost respect. Every strategy that you implement should revolve around them. First, understand what your customers want before you can start a plan. Knowing what they want can be quite challenging since you are dealing with a diverse audience but don’t worry because this guide is going to guide you on how to go about it. Build personal connections with your audience and give them value.

Have a marketing framework

Most marketers think in terms of campaigns but exceptional marketers think of in terms of frameworks growth. Nowadays if you want to make it in marketing, you must focus on improving the image of your brand. Once people recognize and trust your brand then it will not be hard to convince them to buy from you. One way of improving the image of your brand is on the next point.

Develop your brand’s story

People don’t just spend money before they use their money, they think with both their rational and emotional brain. So the best marketing strategy will be one that will appeal to their emotional and rational brain. And one of the most effective of creating a connection and appealing both the rational brain of your customers is having an exceptional brand story. A brand story includes things like why your company came to be, what motivates you and your team serve customers daily, how the product you are selling came to be, a transparent view of your team, something you and your team embraces and a look into your company. A brand story is not a blog post and it should not be boring.

Get relevant traffic

You can have the most beautiful brand story and the best product in the world but if you are not getting enough traffic, your business will not prosper. There are various ways of getting traffic both paid and free. Email marketing is one of the most effective ways of increasing your web traffic and it is always worth the investment.

Another way of increasing your website traffic is by increasing your presence on social media. Social media is an inevitable force that keeps on growing and you must make use of it. Have a Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat and Instagram account. Use these profiles to interact with your potential customers and use them to update them when you have new products in the market. Respond to all their questions and you can even ask for their suggestions about a new product.

Have a blog on your website where you will be posting content related to your niche, content that can help solve some of the problems your customers might be going through. Utilize the relevant keywords to help your content rank higher and make sure you post content regularly.

Turn traffic into leads

Getting traffic to your website is only half of the process. After all, the aim of driving traffic to your website is so that you can get leads and customers. Now that you have traffic to your site, how do you ensure that they turn into customers?

The basic thing to do is improving the effectiveness of your site so that it can be convincing. There are different ways of improving the effectiveness of your site and one of the basic ones is ensuring that it loads within 3 seconds. No one has time to wait for centuries for your website to load.

The website design should be easy to navigate and it should have attractive colors. Remarketing is another way of turning traffic into leads. Make use of the cookie technology and have the people who have visited your website before see things you have to offer time and again and with time they will get interested in it.

Find more customers with paid advertising

When used the right way, paid advertising is one of the most effective ways of finding new customers. People also call it search engine marketing, or online advertising or the most common one, pay-per-click marketing. Many marketers shy away from this type of marketing because it cost more money but when used the right way, it can make you good returns of investment. However, if not used effectively, it can lead to lots of losses.

The inexpensive method mode is the CPM/Display whereby you will be required to pay a flat rate for a 1000 impressions but you are not charged for any click. It is an ad format and it is very common on display advertising. The downside is that you cannot be able to quantify traffic gained by the end of the campaign. The other one is PPC or pay-per-click marketing.  You pay per click but the good thing is that you can track your proceedings with ease.