Online Reputation Management Services (ORM)

What is Online Reputation Management?

Reputation Management is the process of maintaining online good-will of individual, group or company. Due to the availability of social media, it has become relatively easier to ruin someone’s reputation overnight. Reputation Management services plays the vital role of maintaining good impression about something (products or services, or individual’s personal and professional life). Reputation Management is a set of activities that helps to maintain good reputation of a person or company.

Why Online Reputation Management Service is important?

An online Reputation Management service is important because it prevents bad impression about someone. It takes years to create good will but it takes single days to ruin it. I have seen some business organizations, which invested big amount of money, spent years to create good-will but lost it over night due to negative reviews on social media.

At present more than 95% of peoples use search engine to collect information about a product or services before buying it. According to a wiki on Wikipedia, 86% people search for information about other people and 75% of internet users search with their own name on different search engines.


Online Reputation Management Service of StanislavKomsky

Now, I am going to share with you about my recent project experience that will explain how important the online reputation management service is.

StanislavKomsky, is an American business consultant. Recently he had a misunderstanding with one of his client. His client managed to publish a negative review on baltimoresun.

It is obvious that, people will search the name of the person to whom they are going to appoint as a business consultant. So when people search with “StanislavKomsky”, the negative review article appeared at the top of the Google search.

Online Reputation Management Service

For 5 years he did not get any new clients. His online reputation and his business were at the verge of extinction. He suffered 5 long years. Somehow he contacted me and asked me if I can get his reputation back. I told him, yes it is possible. So he bought my Service and I started his project on 7/21/2018.

Within Couple of weeks, I managed to push the negative review to the second page of Google. Then I created couple of social profile and wrote some good review about him as well as his business. Now he is having positive review and very good online reputation which helped him get back to his business even better than ever before.

Online-Reputation-Management Service result of Stanislav Komsky


It was one of the worst cases. I suggest people to focus on their online reputation management before any worst situation arise.


Do you Need Negative SEO Recovery or Reputation Management Service ?

If your website have negatively attack, or if there is an negative Review article appears on google, you can contact us to get our Negative seo recovery services and Online Reputation Management Services. We also offer Negative Seo Services

How to maintain Online Reputation

There are some tips you can follow to maintain your online reputation.

Create and maintain your social profile: You should create your official social account on some social media sites like, Facebook, twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Youtube Channel. If you already have this profile, make sure to update regularly. Always check if there is a fake profile created by someone with your brand name. If yes, take initial action against them.

Create Web 2 properties: if you don’t have Web 2 blogs, create immediately. If you already have, update them in a regular basis. There are some web 2 blogs you can use:


Maintain your Google business page: Google Business page does not only help you to get high ranking but also bring you strong brand value. So keep you Google business page up to date.

Get some good review: Your websites rating will decide if people will visit your site or not. If you have poor rating about your business, people will tend to ignore your website. So increase your website ratings. You can ask your delighted customers to write reviews for you.

Higher ratings on Yelp: If you have listed your site on yelp, make sure, it contains higher ratings. Yelp helps to get a lot of local and international customer if your rating is high.

Customer satisfaction: If you want to run long term business, you should make sure superior customer satisfaction. A customer satisfaction may come with quality of product and services, good communication and after sale services. Hostgator has thousands of loyal customers because of their superior customer services.

Monitor your link profile: Recently, Negative SEO has become so popular among competitors. So you should always careful about it. Always keep an eye on your websites backlinks profile to check if someone is doing negative SEO attack.

Apologize for mistake: If you made a mistake unintentionally, apologize for it immediately. Facebook is the example. “Mark Zuckerberg apologizes for Facebook’s data privacy scandal”. If you have any kind of misunderstanding with customer, you should try to solve it without delay. A single negative customer review might ruin your entire business overnight.

Don’t make enemy online: Do not make an enemy on virtual or real life. If you choose the wrong fight you might get into tough situations. So always try be enemy free.