Cheap SEO Services

For starters, why do you need SEO?

Most frequently, the main source of website traffic comes from organic search

  • Most frequently, the main source of website traffic comes from organic search
  • SEO Increases Credibility & Trust
  • The best method for understanding consumer sentiment is through SEO
  • A better user experience is also a result of effective SEO
  • SEO has a huge impact on the buying cycle
  • The State of SEO is Always Changing, and Best Practices are Updated
  • Understanding SEO Aids in Understanding the Online Environment
  • SEO, at Digitale Planeet is Relatively Cheap and Highly Economical

We recommend our one-time SEO packages if you would rather not sign up for a monthly SEO service. With no commitment, these are priced to deliver actual SEO results. These one-time SEO solutions are designed for small firms who don't presently have a sufficient marketing budget to support a long-term SEO strategy. For a one-time cost, the small business SEO packages can help your company grow.

The Subscription includes ongoing SEO services, website performance monitoring, and SEO ranking maintenance. Do not employ us if we are not on the first page of Google. Full service, 100% internal manual advanced SEO consultation. We organize and control everything.

There is no commitment and a 3-month timetable for all products. package includes-

Standard package

  • website review
  • Comprehensive Site Analysis
  • Competition Research
  • Organic Link Building
  • SEO on-page
  • Performance Improvement
  • Advanced SEO
  • Content Improvement
  • SEO Manager
  • Configure the analytics and search console
  • Keyword analysis
  • Mobile Enhancement
  • Report on Monthly Rankings
  • Monthly Work Report

Premium Package

  • website review
  • Comprehensive Site Analysis
  • Competition Research
  • SEO on-page
  • Organic Link Building
  • Advanced SEO (if applicable)
  • Comprehensive Off-Page Optimization
  • Performance Improvement (if applicable)
  • Creating and Marketing Content
  • Content Improvement
  • Configure the analytics and search console
  • Keyword analysis
  • Mobile Enhancement
  • Manage SEO
  • Optimization of Brand (if applicable)
  • Regular Work Report
  • Report on weekly rankings

Ultra Package

  • Comprehensive Site Analysis
  • Competition Research
  • Finished on-page SEO (Up to 100 Pages)
  • Organic Link Building
  • Advanced SEO
  • Comprehensive Off-Page Optimization
  • Performance Improvement
  • Creating and Marketing Content
  • Content Improvement
  • Configure the analytics and search console
  • Keyword analysis
  • Mobile Enhancement
  • Manage SEO
  • Optimization of Brand (if applicable)
  • Regular Work Report
  • Report on weekly rankings

Services & Optimization for On Page SEO

Our On Website SEO specialists will strive to increase page loading speed, mobile format, and analyse the content to target particular keywords after doing keyword research.

Off-Page SEO Services & Building Organic Links

Backlinks are links from other websites that lead to your website. By evaluating the domain and page quality of the sites with the back links, we can determine how many backlinks are there (if any) and if they are enhancing or detracting from your SEO performance. Finally, to obtain some high-quality, helpful backlinks and organic links pointing to your website, our SEO experts will do a one-time link building service.

Cheap SEO services

Fixed Price SEO

Our local SEO specialists will do a one-time local saturation even though our monthly local search optimization programmes are significantly more advantageous. This implies that we will update more than 100 business directories, including Facebook Business, Yelp, Google Business, and Foursquare. This will help local customers who are looking for your business find you.

Optimizing the content of websites

A fantastic strategy to increase traffic to your website and prospective interest in your services is to write the content of your website pages or blog posts to target certain keywords and offer helpful, valuable information.

Our experts will professionally optimise the material on your website in accordance with conversion-driven search engine algorithms, and they'll even schedule the posting for you. Once you start seeing the advantages, you might wish to continue with one of our fixed-price SEO packages that is more economical.

We produce all of our material and links internally. Our team manages the entirety of your SEO strategy. Since we have complete control over every aspect of the campaign, we can ensure that only the best content creation and external link building tools are used.

Get started on your SEO journey with us 

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Affordable and Cheap SEO services for small businesses


As a small company owner, you’ve probably heard of search engine optimization, or SEO.


You might not be using it to your advantage right now.


This might be due to a lack of understanding about how to proceed or a restricted budget to deal with.


In any case, in today’s digital environment, SEO is critical and well worth the effort it takes to incorporate into your marketing approach.


If improving your website and ranking better in search engine results still appears difficult, it is comforting to know that there are low-cost SEO services and related tactics that may make a significant impact for your small business.

What is SEO?

The science of enhancing a website to boost its exposure when people search for products or services is known as search engine optimization. The higher a website’s exposure on search engines, the more probable it is that the brand will capture business.


The placement – or ranking – of a website on search engine results pages is widely used to gauge its visibility (SERPs). And businesses are continually competing for the front page, where they are most likely to get the most attention.


Using Google as an example, SERPs frequently include advertisements at the top of the page. These are the spots that companies are prepared to pay for in order to get on the top page. Following the advertising comes the ordinary search listings, sometimes known as organic search results by marketers and search engines.


The SEO method seeks to improve a company’s organic search rankings, hence boosting organic search traffic to the site. This allows data marketers to differentiate between traffic from other channels, such as paid search, social media, referrals, and direct, and traffic from organic search.


Organic search traffic is often of higher quality since visitors are actively looking for a certain topic, product, or service for which a site may rank. If a person discovers that site via a search engine, it can lead to increased brand interaction.

How much does SEO approximately cost?

A small business SEO plan might be surprisingly economical.


SEO service providers nowadays may develop a personalized SEO strategy for your small business, which typically costs between $800 and $1500 per month.

Begin by allocating an SEO marketing budget, and then devise a strategy for making the most of what you have.

Types of affordable SEO Services for Small Businesses

We’ll go through several areas so you may have a better understanding of what budget seo services for small businesses you could require in your specific situation.


In the end, you’ll need a little bit of everything, so think of this list as a priority list.


●    For Technical SEO

The fact about technical SEO is that it is a one-time remedy in most cases. While changes are necessary as the internet advances, if you do things right from the start, they will stay.


The following are the top Technical SEO concerns that small firms should address in their internet marketing strategy:


URL and Site structure: While you can accomplish this on your own, it’s generally a good idea to get help from an SEO specialist. An eCommerce site is the most complex to design. You want to get things right from the start to avoid problems later on. This will save you a significant amount of money. Learn more about proper website design and URL structure.

Image Compression: When it comes to technical SEO and load times, images are perhaps the most problematic. Many times, it is possible to accomplish it for free using tools like Smush for WordPress, but comparable free plugins are also available for other platforms.


Caching: Using caching will make your site load even quicker. Again, with plugins like W3 Total Cache or Autoptimize, you may accomplish decent caching for free. Some hosting companies include LiteSpeed Caching on their servers, which allows you to correctly cache your material.

Structured data: As a small firm, this should be the last item on your mind. However, in other circumstances, it can be beneficial. Just make sure you don’t get too caught up in the technicalities and lose sight of what’s actually essential, which is great content and marketing.


Here are some tools that might assist you in avoiding spending too much money on Technical SEO issues.



WordPress is the most cost-effective SEO service for small businesses.

You require an optimized, mobile-friendly website over which you have control and can maximize potential without spending too much money.


Because web designers are fairly pricey, WordPress is the way to go. There are numerous templates available for a great site design, many of them are free.

Sure, there are other SaaS website builders out there, such as Wix or Squarespace (you’ve definitely seen the advertising by now), but they are pretty limited in terms of what you can do for your business’s SEO.


If you merely want to do PPC, SaaS website builders may be a viable alternative, but even recognised SEO businesses may struggle with search engine optimization.

Even WordPress has its own SaaS packages, so evaluate both the open source and SaaS versions.


The open source one requires your own hosting, but the SaaS one does not.

In the long term, the open source version is the best solution if you want to get the most out of it, but it will be more difficult to administer.


GT Metrix:

GT-Metrix is an excellent service that will inform you of a range of technical SEO difficulties that your site is experiencing.

The two most critical issues to address are huge pictures and caching.

PageSpeed Insights:

Google, like GT Metrix, has a comparable tool called PageSpeed Insights.

You can see a list of technical concerns that Google believes you should address.


Again, the most critical factor is the speed with which your website loads (First Contentful Paing and Time to interactive)

Xenu Link Sleuth:

Xenu Link Sleuth is a free tool for crawling your website and detecting missing title tags and 404 errors.


You can also use this to rapidly map titles to URLs if you are rewriting your titles to boost OnPage SEO.


You may also visualize where a page is connected from inside your site using the tool.


●   For Content Marketing

Keyword research: Keyword research is essential if you want to build your OnPage SEO strategy around content marketing. You can’t optimize your site if you don’t know what people are searching for.

Copywriting:While effective copywriting is not cheap, it is worthwhile to spend it. Good writing sells, and you need it on your website, especially if you’re just getting started. Sure, a content marketing approach is centered on providing knowledge rather than selling, but what if you could provide information that sells? This is where copywriting comes in.

Editorial Calendar: Because content marketing is a long-term game, creating a schedule may really help you move things along smoothly. It’s primarily focused on keyword research, but you’ll need to organize items into hubs or silos and select which ones to prioritize and how they may better facilitate and streamline your site’s structure.


Here are some services and tools to help you research keywords and create a better content strategy.


●    Google Autosuggest & Keyword Planner:

The Google Autosuggest function may be quite useful in real-time determining what people are searching for on the web.


Simply begin entering a seed keyword, and Google will provide you with further information.

Furthermore, at the bottom of every results page, there will be a list of similar keywords that you might use.


Furthermore, if you’re already using Google Adwords, why not use the terms you’ve discovered there for organic search?


●     Reddit:

Reddit is an excellent resource for discovering new hot subjects in your field. You just need to look at subreddits related to your niche.


It may not always be simple to locate them, but try to think beyond the box. Start following that thread once you’re near.


Don’t hurry into adding links to your website, or you’ll be blacklisted in no time. To begin, you’ll need to create your profile by responding to and even initiating popular discussions.


If you’re a consultant, you may begin by responding to posts to some level, then providing individuals support through Private Messages.


You may then decide if you’re a suitable fit and offer your skills.


Once you’ve accumulated enough karma, you may start replying to individuals partially and putting a link to your blog where you elaborate on the issue for those who want to learn more.

●    For Link Building

Link building is definitely the most difficult task these days. Everyone is aware of it, no one wants to link to you (for free), and even Google is aware of it and punishing you for it.

Make use of the Link Reclamation Tool.

Building high-quality white-hat connections in accordance with Google’s rules has been a source of frustration for years.


You may be familiar with the broken page and link reclamation techniques because they are pretty old school procedures.


We detailed this strategy extensively, so learn a lot more about the link reclamation process, when and how to utilize it to get the best results.


Analyze Your Competitor’s Links

Most of the time, your rivals, particularly those that rank high in search results, are doing some things really well.


Blog Commenting:

Many SEO professionals believe this is a spammy strategy, however it isn’t. It is possible. However, I do not endorse spam in any form.


I’m talking about finding websites and blogs that discuss issues relevant to your small business and participating with them in the same way you would on social media.


You’ll often see firms include things like blog commenting in their ‘cheap’ SEO packages, but be aware because it’s usually spam.


The idea is to network with other websites or blogs in the field. Then you might be able to strike an agreement with them to advertise your website.


Guest Posting:

You could get to know a relevant blogger well enough to approach them for a guest article by connecting with them through blog comments.


Guest posting is when you create an article under your own name for another website. You should be able to connect back to your website in most cases.


Extending this is now considered a risky practise, however doing so in moderation will have no effect on your site.


Direct outreach can also result in guest pieces or just links.


However, you must first establish some form of link. Being authentic is the greatest method, and it has brought me the most success.


Always begin by offering something without expecting anything in return. Once you’ve received a response, you can make a request, but don’t be too demanding.


Many website owners sell links for hundreds of dollars. So when they offer you one for free, you should be grateful.


Last but not least, content marketing may be quite beneficial for long-term search engine optimization. However, simply writing articles to obtain links will not suffice.


It will be difficult for you to write content that others desire to share.


You may do it the difficult way by identifying an influencer and writing about something you know they’ll share, or you can do it another way by writing case studies or amusing stuff.


In any case, even if blogging and content marketing don’t help you obtain links in the end, it’s still a smart approach to consolidate and optimize the structure of your website.


●    For Rank Tracking

Measuring an SEO strategy is critical for establishing an SEO campaign’s performance. Whether you deal with an SEO service or not, you should keep track of the outcomes on your own.

Here are several strategies for keeping track of your rankings and results:


Google itself: Google is the most established way in the basket. Simply open Google and enter your query. You avoid tailored search results, be sure to use Incognito mode.


Google Search Console: The Google Search Console is a free service supplied by Google that will track where your site’s traffic is coming from as well as the average rankings for the keywords that are bringing the traffic.


●    For Local SEO

With several places in local SEO, you may literally entirely rule the entire Google page.


Here are the most cost-effective things you can do to boost your rankings:


Google MyBusiness:


As a small local business, the most crucial SEO service you should concentrate on is Google MyBusiness.


It is not difficult to create a GMB listing. Just make sure to include your keywords in the name and description, and that all of the information is valid.


Ranking Google MyBusiness listings high is more difficult, but it is doable by following a set of practises in your firm, such as asking for reviews or being published in the local newspaper.

Social Media Accounts & Posting:

Facebook sites may really score rather high in local search results for specific keywords.


Make use of this by optimizing the title and description on Facebook to contain the term you’re attempting to target.


In addition, posting on Facebook on a regular basis might assist you drive visitors to your website. Remember the 80/20 rule, which states that you should only try to sell them 20% of the time.


People will not engage with only promotional posts, and the reach of all your posts will decrease over time. You must attract engagement while also engaging with your audience.

Citations & Accurate NAP:

Citations are similar to backlinks in that they just mention your brand’s name and do not always provide a link back to your site.


You want to ensure that your NAP (Name, Address, and Phone) are consistent throughout the web.


As a result, utilizing a different phone number, address, or opening hours on multiple platforms such as Google and Facebook may appear confused to Google, as well as to your clients.


In some ways, you’re combining all of these channels and platforms to produce a stronger union that will score higher overall.


Local Adjacent Niches Partnerships:

Collaboration with other local businesses in your area is an excellent method to gain momentum with local SEO.


Businesses can promote one other both locally in their own stores and online on their respective websites.


They don’t have to be rivals, but they should be closely linked to or important to your area.

So, if you sell hunting firearms, collaborating with a vegan restaurant is probably not a smart idea.

For example, if you sell luxury watches, why not collaborate with the premium suit store down the street? Everyone comes out ahead!

●    For Video SEO

Video SEO might assist you in growing your organization. People are increasingly preferring video material to conventional written content.


It’s difficult to find a cheap seo services for small businesses for video because you can’t truly optimise videos the same way you can blog posts. It’s finished after you’ve published it.


You may still adjust names and descriptions to improve their optimization, but you must get things right from the start.


Here are a few suggestions you may follow to rank higher with video or supplement your content marketing plan with video SEO as well.


Keyword Research: Just as with traditional SEO, you should conduct keyword research before creating a video. It might be difficult to match a topic or fresh concept to a term at times, but do your best. You’ll get the best of both worlds this way.

Titles and descriptions that are optimized: Use the keywords that were identified in your title and description. Even if few people will read it, don’t skimp on the description. Fill it out with further information, such as links to sources.

Short Product Presentation Clips: If you sell things online, make sure you have videos of them. People are busy, so keep them brief and to the point. Nowadays, you can accomplish everything with your phone. There is a plethora of video editing software available for both Android and Apple.

Consistency: While releasing a few movies here and there may help if they rank high for your goal keyword, if you want to have true success with video, you must do it on a consistent basis.

Interlinking videos: Let’s face it: most video material is created on YouTube. And YouTube wants its users to stick around. As a result, having several videos that are connected to one another. Send viewers from one video to another to increase their time spent on YouTube, and YouTube will reward you.

Repurpose material: If you’ve been blogging for a time, you may repurpose the themes you’ve covered to make video content. Then just connect the video and blog article. If you’ve been spending your time on video content, you may do the opposite.


●    For Ecommerce SEO

eCommerce SEO services are the most difficult to come by at a reasonable price. If you operate a small eCommerce SEO firm, consider investing your own time in studying SEO, as services can be costly, and the inexpensive ones are unlikely to be particularly successful.


Site Structure: Because of filters and faceted navigation, site structure is the most significant aspect of eCommerce websites. So be certain that you get it properly from the start. It may be costly for large locations, but it is incredibly effective and will save you a lot of time and money in the long run.


Titles that are well optimized: People frequently overlook the essentials. They are so focused on secret tactics that they completely overlook the fact that their titles aren’t optimized. Of course, this assumes you’ve previously done your keyword research.


Blogging: Quality content is lacking on eCommerce sites. The majority of items have brief descriptions, and the structure itself serves mainly as a barrier between categories and products. However, you may strengthen that framework by including engaging content. They will also make it easier for you to get natural backlinks to your website.


Copywriting: Copywriting is something that many eCommerce company owners overlook. Each product page, on the other hand, is a landing page. And landing pages necessitate copy. To sell, you need a copy. Most copywriters are also skilled at writing for SEO, which will assist your site.


Structured Data: While structured data is the last thing you should care about (keywords, titles, content, and speed are more essential), it is particularly significant for eCommerce websites since it may assist improve Google product results.




SEO is a long-term strategy that must be maintained. You can’t expect your website to be at the top of search results overnight. Pages take time to appear in search results. We strongly believe with patience and a proper strategy your page will be at the top of searches in no time!

Parasite SEO : How to Rank with Barnacle SEO Services

Parasite SEO-Barnacle SEO

What Is Parasite SEO And How Does It Work?

What Is Parasite SEO?

Parasite SEO is an old SEO technique of utilizing the high authority or top-ranking web 2.0 Properties or social media platforms for highly competitive keywords in order to boost the traffic of your website, webpage, or content.

Want Your Parasite #1 of Google ?

These high authority websites give the opportunity to submit a link, webpage, or article on their websites and thus you can take leverage of these websites to increase your website’s traffic. But, I would remind you that while using these websites never try to do spamming. If you are caught spamming, you will be restricted to use their services or your account may get blocked permanently.

Coming to the term which I discussed, in the beginning, was Barnacle SEO. It differs slightly as compared to parasite SEO. Basically Barnacle SEO is nothing but using larger reputable websites to promote your website to gain traffic. This term was coined by Will Scott. He explained in his original publication as “attaching oneself to a large fixed object and waiting for the customers to float by in the current.

I hope you have got the basic idea of what is Parasite SEO. Now let us understand how does Parasite SEO works?

How Does Parasite SEO Work

First of all, in order to implement this technique, you would need to create your account on those high authority websites or social media platforms which allows submitting content or links on their website.

So, after creating an account on high DA and PA sites, simply, you would need to create a high-quality content of more than 1000+ words and then blast social signals and links at it. If you follow this strategy smartly then your webpage or website will be on the first page of Google soon.

So, I hope your concept is getting clearer as we are progressing ahead right? Now let me tell you the benefits of implementing this technique.


Parasite SEO Services
Parasite SEO Services
Parasite SEO-Barnacle SEO
barnacle SEO

Benefits Of Parasite SEO technique

Let me tell you that there are so many valid reasons to use Parasite SEO but I would like to share with you a few of its benefits so that you would understand why it is so important.

  1. Google trusts high authority websites. So if you submit links of your new website on these platforms then your website or webpage will start ranking on the first page of Google without any backlinks.
  2. No matter if you get a No-follow or do follow links on these websites. Their high DA (Domain Authority) is enough for the uplifting ranking of your new website.
  3. You can build high-quality backlinks relatively in a short interval of time.
  4. You do not need to worry about Google’s penalty if you build a link using Parasite SEO techniques. As I have already told you that Google loves high authority websites.
  5. High authority sites would help your site to get more Click Through Rate (CTR).
  6. Exposure to referral traffic to your website.
  7. PR exposure.
  8. Many sites also give free guest posting opportunities. So, write high-quality engaging content on these web 2.0 sites.
  9. At last, you get an opportunity to promote your content, WebPages, or links on well established and highly popular brands.

These are the few of the many benefits you will get when you start implementing the Barnacle SEO technique (Parasite SEO) for link building.

Let us see what are the activities you can do while leveraging this strategy


  • Guest Blogging: Submit content on the high authority site. Guest Posting is one of the best methods to create high-quality backlinks. It doesn’t matter if you get a do-follow or no-follow backlinks while doing guest blogging. If a website I big then you will get huge traffic for your website.
  • Participation in Roundups: Roundups are the short piece of information by the industry expert. So, always try to participate in roundup because these short pieces of information are always shared in social media by the expert and participants
  • Local listing: Submit your website URL in Local submission sites such as Google My Business and Bing.
  • Press Release Submission: Try to write high-quality content around your targeted keyword which you want to rank on Google search engine and then submit to the popular Press release sites.

These are the few of the many benefits when you start implementing this SEO technique for link building. I hope, you have understood the benefits of this technique. Now let me share with you tips and tricks about how you will implement this strategy.

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Tips and Tricks For Parasite SEO

  1. Always try to write high-quality content of more than 1000 words to utilize the guest posting opportunity.
  2. Do not copy and paste the already published post.
  3. Never spam by submitting too many links to your article. This may lead to the termination of your account.
  4. Use the trustable website to submit your guest post. Always check their spam score using the Moz toolbar.

Best Platforms to Implement Parasite SEO

Finally, after sharing the tips and tricks for Parasite SEO, the time has come to reveal the best platforms where you can implement the Barnacle SEO. But do remember, before using these websites, you would need to create an account on each of them using your valid email address.

Given below are the lists of best sites which you can use to increase your ranking on Google and can get huge organic traffic.

  • Medium: Medium is one of the best sites for publishing or submitting posts. It accepts all kinds of articles from lifestyle to tech. Article published here always results in the first page of Google with the feature snippets. It has DA (MOZ) is 96 and PA(MOZ) is 80. AND DR 85 (Ahrefs)
  • Quora: Quora is a Q/A site with Domain authority (DA) 93. Basically, it is a question and answers sites. If you find question-related to your niche here, then you can answer it by writing a short answer by inserting your blog links. Do, remember do not submit more than 1 link here; otherwise, your answer may get banned by Quora.
  • com: Weebly is a website builder with DA (Moz) around 93. Here you can easily create a website, blog or online store and can effectively leverage the benefits of this high authority website and can make use of the parasite SEO.
  • HubPages: It is a user-generated content and revenue sharing website. It came into existence in the year 2006. Earlier, it was the product of Squidoo but on August 15, 2014, it was acquired by HubPages.
  • Buzzfeed: Buzzfeed is American based internet media, news, and an entertainment company. You can leverage the benefit of this website to gain traffic for your new website. Be Before submitting your guest article here, I would recommend you read its terms and condition because they often reject and suspend an account, if they find anything fishy or spammy.
  • Google My Business: Google My Business has become an important strategy for local SEO. So, I would suggest you claim your Google My Business profile if you do not have. Provide all of your correct info such as an address, opening time, photos and ask the customer to leave a review and respond to them as well.
  • LinkedIn Profile: Make proper use of the LinkedIn profile. It gives an opportunity to create a company page on their high authority website.
  • Facebook Business Page: Facebook is one of the widely used social media platforms. If you are looking for worldwide customers then you can make use Facebook. Create a business page and submit your website link on the page. If you are looking for huge traffic for your website then you can use its paid feature to promote your website.
  • Twitter Profile: Twitter is a microblogging and social networking site. It has 48.35 million monthly active Twitter users in the US.
  • Pinterest: Another popular social media platform that can help you to gain traffic for your website is Pinterest. It has a domain authority of 94 (MOZ). So, first of all, create your business account here and then claim your business. After claiming your business start creating pins and boards according to your niche. The advantage of using Pinterest is that you get an option to insert links for each of the pin you create here.
  • YouTube: YouTube I the second most popular social media platform and it has more than 1.9 billion users worldwide. In order to make use of YouTube, you would need to create a channel with high-quality engaging videos. Thus, if you do it smartly you will not only get traffic for your website, it will also increase brand awareness.
  • Tumblr: Tumblr is another high authority web 2.0 which you can use to take leverage of its high authority by submitting your site’s or posts link along with this you can publish a well-written article.
  • Reddit: Reddit is a web content rating social media platform where you can submit links of your blogs, you can write an article and can upvote other people post on the subreddit.

These are few of the high authority websites which you can use while implementing the parasite SEO and can increase your website traffic.

Another popular web 2.0 and social media platform which you can leverage are:

  • Rebelmouse
  • PR Web
  • SB Wire
  • PR Log
  • Daily Motion Pages
  • iTunes App/Song/Movie Page
  • Vimeo
  • Soundcloud Music Pages
  • Google Marketplace App/Song/Movie Page
  • Yelp, Houzz, Growth Hackers
  • Doplash
  • Indibloghub
  • Appsumo product Page
  • Amazon Product Page
  • Lynda Page

Note: Carefully use these sites for implementing a parasite SEO strategy. If the website owners find something fishy such as if they find that you are pointing too many links on the article then they may remove your content. So, I would suggest you avoid inserting too many links. Especially in BuzzFeed and Reddit. These two websites follow loads of protocols. So, always reads the terms and conditions and guidelines of this web 2.0 while submitting your articles or guest post.


I hope, I was able to clear your concept on Parasite SEO or Barnacle SEO. So, before implementing this strategy I would suggest you that always perform keyword research. Once you are done with Kw research try to go for long-tail and le competitive keyword with high volume. After doing the keyword research try to write a high-quality content of more than 1000 words and then implement the strategy.

If you do it correctly and smartly then no one is going to stop your webpage to rank high on the first page of Google.

Before using this old technique it is important for all of you to have proper knowledge of off-page SEO and On-Page SEO. If you have proper knowledge of these two topics then only you would be able to utilize the parasite SEO properly.

On the other hand, if you do not have time for SEO then you can take our service. Our Negative SEO expert will do their best to rank your webpage by implementing all the SEO technique including the Barnacle SEO as well. If you liked this article, then please comment on the comment box below and let me know about this article. if you are looking for Negative SEO service or Online Reputation Management Service, then feel free to contact us.


Google Penalty Recovery Services

Google Penalty Recovery Services

Are you looking for Google Penalty Recovery Services? We are offering Google Penalty Recovery Services at affordable prices, please contact us if your site has got google penalty. We will analyze your site and take the best action strategy to Recover your site’s ranking

So, What is Google Penalty?

A Google penalty is when your website ranking has a negative impact. There are two possible ways of penalty; either Google algorithms’ updates or manual reviews. Abnormal ranking of your site and traffic is a sign of the Google penalty.

How do I identify Google Penalty?

It is impossible for anyone to identify the Google penalty by just observing his/her site. There are ways of identifying penalties on your site. Google webmaster tool is one of the best ways to identify a Google penalty. The tool is available freely. It is utilized hand in hand when carrying out site optimization and monitoring.

Google Analytics is another way of tracking Google penalties. The tool is also free and aids you to know the health status of your website. You can also track easily any changes in your organic traffic. Just sign in to your account and track the dates when plenty of your web traffic got lost. You should also trace if there were in any chance Google updates launching a similar day. If you happen to find the updates, then there is a possibility that your site was affected. As a result, you have to take measures to remove them.

You may also trace the penalty through your domain name search. If the site isn’t appearing at the top of the list, then there are high chances you got a penalty. Other than the above-discussed tools, there are many other tools that are available to use. Some are free while others you have to subscribe to use them. So it’s more advisable to identify the best fit for your application.

Types of penalty

There are two types of penalties.

1. Manual penalty

A manual penalty occurs when the webspam team of Google notices a site that doesn’t adhere to the guidelines and conditions of Google search. The penalty is directed to those individuals who try to gain top rankings by manipulating Google Metrics within a given short time by doing link farming. This signals out the search engine, which then reviews the site and finally awards a penalty to it. Mostly the whole site is hit by the penalty. But in some scenarios, some specified pages are affected by the penalty.

Ways to be affected by Manual penalties.

Hacked site

 If a site happens to be hacked, Google will release a notification for a manual penalty towards the search console. When a given site is hacked, some files will be uploaded to the site which in turn appears as spam to Google. The software is normally hidden by the viewers, which in turn can be dangerous to both the users and the site. Once the virus is removed, you have to send a request for site reconsideration. Patients should be observed as the penalty takes some time. The reconsideration process should be monitored within the Search Console.

User-generated Spam

A site is given such a kind of message; then it signals out that some portion of the site is spammy to its users. This is commonly on comment sections, forums, and site’s quest book pages. For instance, you once have visited some sites and come across pop-up messages with people’s names. They may talk of items users may sell. The link is then directed to the individual’s site. This will automatically be considered as spammy by Google, which may result in a penalty. There are many solutions to this problem, but the time taken to clear the issue is long. This is because the page per page will be analyzed to find a penalty, which will take a lot of time.

Spammy hosts

Some sites re-hosted by spammed services. In this case, Google will detect it and award a penalty. The only treatment to this is to remove the spammy accounts on your site and then send a request for penalty removal.

Spammy Structured Markup

 Google will automatically hit a manual penalty to any site that violets rich snippet guidelines. It’s achieved through the provision of misleading or hidden information to users in order to attain top rank. Always try to visit rich snippet guidelines in order to identify if your site has met all the requirements. Always make sure to remove any markup which is causing the penalty before submitting a reconsideration request.

 Linking unnatural sites on your site

They are widespread penalties and easy to be handled. If your site has poor quality links, has links that have been bought, or taking part in a link building scheme, then there are high chances that this kind of penalty will affect your site. This will be violating Google guidelines. First of all, review your profile link and be able to trace the origin of these links. The webmaster will remove his links for you. After cleaning your link profiles, you will have to send a reconsideration request for you to receive confirmation.

 Thin content

Content is a big player when it comes to creating backlinks, adding value to any given site and increase its ranking. This content includes:

  • automatically generated content which is generated by a program
  • Affiliate pages are whereby a site copies content from a product or a page. Make sure to add new thoughts or ideas.
  • Scraped Content;  this is content copied from other sites, and you implement them on your site.
  • Doorway pages: These pages are created in order to funnel users to other sites that aren’t related to the user’s search.

 Devious redirects or Cloaking

This kind of massage will be received by the site if on Google shows one page, whereas the user is redirected to a different page. The page or pages that implement the cloaking will be affected. You should remove the page or pages in order to eliminate the penalty.

Cloaking: First-Click free violation

This is a scenario whereby Google crawlers are provided with free content, while Google users are limited to them. As for this case, a user has to subscribe, log in, or signup in order to see the content.

Pure spam

The penalty deals with automated content such as cloaking, first of all, you have to remove the spam from the site then you send reconsideration and wait for the response.

 Cloaked images.

 Images play an important role in SEO. You will find that the images that are presented to Google crawlers and limited to the users.

 Keyword Staffing of Hidden text

If you happen to use similar keywords over and over in the site, including meta tags, it can lead to the penalty.

How to Escape Manual Penalties

Manual penalties purely originate from anything which directly goes against Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. These are often related to thin content, unnatural links, pure webspam, or other noncompliance issues.

If your site happens to be affected by a manual penalty, the best action is to deal with the cause by removing it sooner rather than later.

After cleaning up your site, you have to submit a reconsideration request. Google, at this stage, will reexamine your site once more. If there will be no other issues, then it will relieve the penalty imposed to your site

2. Google algorithm penalty

This is a negative effect on a website’s search ranking due to Google search algorithms updates or manual reviews. The penalty may be an algorithm by-product updates. It can also be an international penalize due to black-hat SEO techniques. Anything that goes against the expectation of Google webmaster guidelines is a risk of being affected by the penalty.

How to avoid Google Penalties

The following are the step you may put into consideration to avoid being hit by Google penalties.

  • Don’t buy links. Your SEO links should look natural. You should make sure that you add the “no follow” attribute link to any paid links (for instance ads) and try to avoid link schemes.
  • Don’t overuse keywords. Search Engine ranking can be hurt by the repetition of exact keywords. I really agree that keywords are very important for SEO, but it’s more important to the proper use of keywords and in a natural way.
  • Make the content original and quality. Make sure that your webpages stands up unique, be of high quality for ranking purpose.

Google Penalties as per the name

Penalties range from slight, temporary ranking to expulsion as per the Search Engine’s index.

Google Panda Penalty

It was founded in February 2011. Later on, grew and joined Google’s core algorithm. The main aim of the Google Panda algorithm was to prevent content that is of poor quality from interrupting the top search results.

If Panda thinks that your site gives out low-quality content, then it’s harder for that website to be ranked. Example of these low-quality content includes widespread duplicate content, “thin” pages with no added value, product page that has manufacturer description, not the original text.

Avoiding Panda Penalty

Panda should be kept happy by feeding it with original content hence getting the searchers certified. Sorting out the panda issue, then it’s a sure bet that you are heading to the top ranks. This is achieved by eliminating duplicates, improving your thin content, and finally, the provision of high-quality content to your site visitors.

Google Penguin Penalty

It fights webspam through link spam detection. When the backlink profile of a website has too many unnatural links, Google will suspect that there is a possibility the site may be manipulating search ranking.

The main role played by penguin is to devalue bad links that are coming so that they can’t interfere with the site’s ranking.

Avoiding Penguin Penalty

If Google realizes that the site is selling or buying links, participation in link farms, negotiating link exchanges, or detects any unnatural linking, then the site should be penalized. Traffic drop in organic search traffic is caused by link-related penalties. Always monitor and clean your backlinks in order to avoid Penguin issues.

Intrusive Interstitial Penalty

This one came to existence in January 2017. It only deals with mobile search results. Here, Google penalizes a site when it shows a popup, intrusive ad, or standard alone interstitial towards a mobile user just after doing a mobile search.

In General, Google, in this case, penalizes webpages that try to block searchers from seeing the content easily. Some other types of interstitial aren’t affected by the penalty — for instance, the necessary legal gate which is for age verification, etc. and login forms.

Avoiding Interstitial Penalty

Mobile searchers should be given good user experience. Try to avoid popups and ads which blocks much of the screen light when a searcher arrives.

How to recognize Google penalty

Rank drop (low search impression, low ctr )

This is applicable to Microsoft Advertising and Google Ads only. It determines the percentage rate at which your ad wasn’t shown as a result of poor ad ranking. Low impression share indicates that your keywords match with customer searches, but your ad isn’t appearing as a result of other issues. This may be caused by:-

  • Search lost impression share (rank): the percentage time of ads not appearing as a result of poor ranking. This is calculated by your bits in relation to your competitor’s one and the quality of your ad.
  • Search lost impression share (budget): is calculated as the time your ads didn’t appear due to too low budget. As per your set agreement of the budget delivery method by a campaign, your ads may happen to appear in the morning, and our daily budget elapses preventing you from bidding throughout the remaining day.

Reason for Google penalty

Google may decide to penalize your site for some reason. It can either be a result of using manipulation methods to increase your website ranking or the provision of incorrect information to those users visiting your site.

There are two types of Manipulation :

  • On-site: the technical method used within your website set-up
  • Of-set: methods that relate to backlinks. This is the primary factor used by Google in the determination of authority and trust of a given site.

Us we earlier on know that a penalty can be either manual penalty or algorithmic penalty.

Your website can be penalized, or sometimes some specified pages can be affected in a similar manner. In some cases, your site during the penalty process may ultimately be removed from the Google index or drops drastically in the indexing table.

It’s normal to have a slight change in the Google ranking position, which is harder to penalize. The major reason for this slide change may be:

  • The sites that were below you may have improved when it comes to authority and trust through additional backlinks.
  • Some of your backlinks which were the major cause of your top rank drop
  • The ranking algorithm used by Google has been updated in order to give weight on the ranking techniques that were previously used.

The major reason for your site be affected by the penalty may include the following:

Anchor Link Text over Optimization

Google thinks that there are many links which point at your sites by use of anchor link text which exactly matches, or closely matches the keywords that you are using in the ranking process. The exact percentage permitted for links isn’t known, but if you exceed 20%, then you are at a high risk of being penalized.

 Many Links Originating from Sources that are of Low Quality

Google concludes that there are many links that point to your site. Those links originate from either low-quality sites or spam sites. Every site has low-quality links that normally point to them. But if the number exceeds 75+%, then your site is unsafe.

Many Links from Irrelevant sources

Google imagines that many links from irrelevant sources, which do not even relate to your site topic, are pointing to your site. For instance, your site may be on mining, but if you analyses the foreign links point on your site relating to mining is less than 25% then chances of your site being penalized are very high.

Link Schemes / Paid Links

  • Google may think in the following perspective;
  • You may have paid people so that they can link their site on your site.
  • Some other sites have paid you in order to link them.
  • You have hired a service or a program that automatically builds links for you.
  • Your site is in the network which has agreed in linking with each other.

Manipulation On-Page Tactics

Google thinks that you have manipulated your site in such a way that visitors get it harder to leave your site. It may be through the following;

  • Text hiding in such a way it brings in keyword relevance, but in a real sense, it doesn’t.
  • Auto-directing visitors to different pages other than the one they have clicked.
  • You are forcing your visitors to stay on your site through back button disabling.
  • You are forcing your visitors to click on an advert.

Heavy Page Layout Ads

Google in this scenario thinks that your site has too many ads or the positioning of your ads doesn’t comply with the usability of the system. It’s considered as a prohibition to give more space in terms of pixels to an ad on your site as compared to the content itself. You may also get a penalty if your customers have to scroll down the page in order to come across your site’s main content.

High Bounce Rate / Low Engagement

Google may conclude that your site hasn’t satisfied your customers. This may be seen when the visitor spent less time on your site. Or another indication is when a visitor keeps on shifting from page to page or page to search. This shows that what he/she is searching for/looking for isn’t found yet. A 30 seconds average viewing time or a bounce rate of over 50% is quite enough for your site to be penalized.

Outbound Spam links

Google may conclude that you are using your site to house spam or you have no power to prevent spams from linking on to your site. This may be seen if visitors on your site are able to great more pages on your site or modify your site. Some visitors may go to the extent of creating accounts/profiles which are then linked back to their sites through link tags, through leaving of block comments or event participating on forums through the site.

How Can You Recover From Google penalty?

Publish relevant content

Perfect content is SEO’s number one driver when it comes to search engine rankings. Definitely, there isn’t a substitution for this. Site trafficking increases when your content is specifically for the intended visitors. This, in turn, improves your site relevance and authority. So it’s your chance to tune your writing skills.


It’s important to identify keyword phrases for every page of your site. Scratch your head to come up with the best keyword that a visitor may use when he/she needs to visit or land on your page.

Regular Updates of Your Content

We are much impressed with the site content. Search engines also do. Site relevance is mostly measured with the rate at which your content is updated. Always update your site with the best quality content. You can set a schedule at which you can audit your content and make relevant updates.


Consider placing meta tags between your page head tags. This means that, for you to be ranked best in the Google ranking world, each page should have metadata. However, it is more important always to update your metadata as your site changes.

Link-worthy Site

Create relevant links in your link text. Click here text generally doesn’t have any value in search engines. Make use of descriptive links when linking keywords. They do not only play a big role in your ranking strategies but also improves readability to your site visitors.


Google penalties primarily originate from the violation of Google ranking regulations. Avoiding the faults and sticking to the Search Engine Optimization keys will pull your site to the top of the ranking table. Enrich your content with relevant words and make use of Meta tags. Ensure the best quality backlinks for your site or Try to do some parasite SEO. You should always avoid a quicker way of getting on to the top rank just purchasing the ads. Just go for the organic way to enrich your site with relevant content.

Top 10 Best Free VPN for PC

Best Free VPN for PC

Are you having a problem in finding the best free VPN to use? We take time to review on the best free VPN to use for both Windows and Mac OS. There are numerous free VPN for window and free VPN for Mac OS, but in this article, we will review on the best free VPNs you can use.

VPN is a virtual private network that allows you to be able to create a secure connection with other networks via the internet. The advantage of VPN is that they can be used to access restricted regional websites and shield you from prying eyes on Wi-Fi or a public network. VPN forwards your network traffic to the network you are using, which enables you to access the local network remotely and by-pass internet censoring.

Various free VPNs are available for windows and Mac OS. The following are the list of free VPNs.

Free VPN for Windows

  • TunnelBear VPN
TunnelBear VPN - Best Free VPN for Windows PC

TunnelBear is a great free VPN for windows that shield your identity over the internet. The software is straightforward and has o complication when it comes to downloading and installing. The VPN allows you to create a virtual private network adapter. It remotely controls your services and routes your internet traffic and transfer it to its servers that are located in Germany, the United Nations, and the United Kingdom. The software comes in two versions, both paid and free version.

TunnelBear VPN operates in blocking all traffic websites and allows you to browse freely without the risk of getting hacked or tracked. The only limitation with free TunnelBear VPN is that you are only limited to 500MBs of traffic every month. This is much little bandwidth, but it is a great software to use when you feel like you need to browse without the fear of being hacked and tracked.

Recently TunnelBear VPN tuned up to its security measures as it collects less data from its users and removes the need to provide the first name when signing up. The collection and record of user’s lifetime collection were ditched.

  • Hotspot Shield VPN
Hotspot Shield VPN- Free VPN For Windows

Hotspot shield is free VPN software for Windows devices. The VPN allows you to surf at a public Wi-Fi hotspot connection and access the remotely restricted website without the fear of been tracked. The VPN ensures that your online anonymity and privacy are highly maintained. The Hotspot Shield has a virtual tunnel which allows you to hide your IP address. It enables you to choose one of the countries that you are out of such as the United Kingdom, Australia, the United States or Japan, and many more others.

The Hotspot Shield VPN is one of the best VPN to use for windows devices as it offers 750MBs daily on the free version. The VPN allows you to be able to see the content of over other 15 counties. The only problem with this software is that it has a lot of ads. The reason for a lot of ads is because it offers free VPN services, and that is the only way to generate revenue. During heavy traffic hour, the VPN connection keeps on dropping, which is one of its great limitations.

  • Cyber Ghost Secure VPN
Cyber Ghost Secure VPN

Cyber ghost secure VPN is available in both free and paid version known as the premium version. The VPN is one of the best free VPN for windows operating system devices. The VPN is easy to use, and its installation is not complicated. It allows you to hide all your internet activities and also your identity from hackers. The VPN also allows you to spoof your IP address and brose without fear of been tracked or hacked. The Cyber Ghost secure VPN will enable you to remotely access servers freely and is limited to 1GB monthly and has a bandwidth of 2mbps.

One of its biggest limitations is that there is a force disconnection after six months of using the free version. In addition to hiding your IP address and snoop your location, it also encrypts your internet activities to protect you from hackers and malicious users. The VPN is compatible with all versions of Windows operating systems and is also compatible with TOR.  It is easy to use and also allows routing on your connection with Linux.

  • ProtonVPN
ProtonVPN - Free VPN for Widows Devices

ProtonVPN does not limit you with monthly data allowance on its free version. The VPN has a paid version, and the free version does not impose any restriction on its bandwidth. This means that using ProtonVPN, you are free to use as much data as you want every month. The only limitation to ProtonVPN is a restriction to using only one device, lower priority to speed, and only limited to only three locations. There is no P2P connection either and has a no-logging policy to users.

The only required needed when signing up for ProtonVPN is your email only. The VPN has no ads when browsing. It can also allow five simultaneous connections at the same time. The ideal user and favorite’s one are those in Europe. The software is easy to use, and its installation is very simple. It also allows for access to servers, and it hides all your internet activities and IP address and has no fear of being tracked or hacked. When browsing, it allows access to a restricted website on a public internet connection.

  • VPN VPN for Windows Devices is available in both free and paid version and one of the best VPN for windows operating system devices. The VPN gives you a latter of 2GB monthly to your activities on the internet. The VPN allows you to browse without the fear of hacking and been tracked as it has the strongest encryption system. The biggest drawback of VPN is that you are limited to only one device, and only three serves allocation with miss of United States server. The best thing about VPN is that it does not throttle the speed connection on free version users and it does not keep logs activities of users as it stores no data. The VPN software has no ads, and there is no threat of hackers using your login activities to implicate your activities.

The software is very easy to use and has no complications when it comes to installation on Windows operating system devices. The support team works on a 24/7 basis and ready to solve your problem upon request. The VPN tries to hide your privacy with no too much restriction.

Free VPN for Mac OS

  • Express VPN
Express VPN

The Express VPN supports for access of more servers. You can access one of the three thousand servers located all over the world. The Express VPN is easy to set up, and its installation is not complicated. The connection of the VPN is high speed and very secures to use on iPhones, iPad, Macbook, or any other Mac OS device. The VPN encrypts your internet activities and allows you to access restricted websites with no fear of being tracked or hacked by malicious users. No matter what site you visit, your activities and identity will be secured when using Express VPN.

The VPN allows you to mask your IP address and hide your identity to keeping your activities secure from its feature of kill switch. The speed when using the free version is very high and does not give any priorities as it has a wide range of servers. The VPN is available in over 160 locations in 94 countries. The VPN has no limitation server switch. The VPN offers full offshore protection, and it is based on Virgin Island, Britain. The VPN software does not keep logs activities and does not store users’ data activities. It gives a 30 day trial on the free version.

  • NordVPN

NordVPN offers a 30 day free trial on its free version on Mac OS devices. NordVPN is flexible as you can connect it on six devices simultaneously at once. The VPN employs the military encryption technique known as 256-bit key AES encryption. Connection to a public internet using NordVPN guarantees your safety as it hides your IP address and encrypts your internet activities. There is no fear of been tracked or hacked when accessing restricted websites on a public network using NordVPN.

NordVPN has a feature known as kill switch which enables you to hide your IP address and mask it to any country you want. For its 30 days free trial, there is a limitation to bandwidth and data. There is access to over 1600 servers and high speed in over 60 counties. The VPN has the ability to bypass geoblocks on sites such as Hulu, Netflix, and BBC iPlayer and other known streaming sites without being tracked. The VPN is easy to use and easy to install o your Mac OS device. it is also good for website rank Tracking

  • Windscribe VPN
Windscribe VPN

The free version of Windscribe comes with 10GB data every month. The free version is much limited, especially for those users who are marathon streamers and downloads large data. The data is also convenient for those users who only send s emails and check on Facebook activities. The VPN allows you to access restricted websites while you are on public internet connection without fear of being tracked or getting hacked. The VPN encrypts your internet activities and hides your IP address by masking it with a different IP address.

The Windscribe VPN servers allow Peer to peer (P2P) and access to 11 locations. The only challenge with Windscribe VPN is that on high traffic connection there is slow speed on the connection. The VPN does not store logs activities as it does not save any users’ internet activities.  The VPN is easy to use, and it has no complicated installation with its setup being very easy. The VPN servers are robust available in over 50 countries and over 100 cities to enable you to mask your IP address with.

  • VyprVPN

VyprVPN is among the best VPN for Mac OS, and it has a thousand IP addresses and gives a different IP address once you are logged in every time. This activity of allocating a new IP address every time you are logged in ensure no one will suspect you every time you are logged in. The VPN protects your privacy when browsing in any site and allows you to by-pass restricted sites on a public network connection. The VPN ensures that spies and hackers will not be able to spy on you. You can also access geo-blocked websites and content such as Hulu, Netflix, and many other streaming sites.

The VyprVPN has over 700 servers, and they have unlimited server switching located all over the globe. The VyprVPN connection is high speed and provides over two hundred thousand IP addresses to mask your real IP address with. There is no third party involved in managing and maintaining VyprVPN, so users are safe from tracking and hacking.  The VPN software is easy to use and install in Mac OS devices.

  • Private Tunnel VPN
Private Tunnel VPN

Private tunnel is a new free VPN for Mac Os devices in the market currently. Being new it does not mean it does not meet the user quality on securing and hiding internet activities. However, it is among the best free VPN for Mac OS in securing users identify online. The free version gives you 2GB data to browse. The VPN allows you to access restricted sites online and access the geoblocked sites. The VPN encrypts your internet actives and keeps them sure from been tracked and hacked by malicious users.

The OpenVPN works well with all devices of Mac OS, including the use of Mojave OS and is very easy to use. The speed of connection in private tunnel VPN is very high.

Final Words

The virtual private network ensures that your identity is hidden. You can access to the restricted and blocked site while you are connected on a public network without fear of being tracked or hacked. VPN ensures that your privacy is secured online and your real IP address is masked and impose any IP address in any country you like.

Top 10 Best Offshore Hosting Reviews- DMCA Ignored Hosting

Top 10 Best Offshore Hosting Reviews

Looking for Offshore Hosting for your Blog ? Here are best Offshore hosting Providers around the world. Keep reading Best providers of Offshore hosting “DMCA Ignored Hosting”

Offshore hosting involves hosting your website away from your home country. If you are in the United States of America, for instance, you can subscribe to servers in Asia for your shared VPS and dedicated servers. Offshore hosting offers the same services as onshore hosting, the only difference is location.

Why People Choose Offshore Hosting

There are varying needs that necessitate preference for offshore hosting. Common reasons include anonymity, freedom of the press, freedom of speech, taxes and legal residency, and avoiding local regulations.

If your website is about posting controversial content then you are better off with offshore hosting. Local laws and cultural norms may fault you for the content and taken down forcibly. Hosting your website in a country with freedom of speech protects you from such inconveniences.

Sharing sensitive information with the public also requires protection rights. Most governments are exclusive with access to some documents. Sharing such information can lead you to jail or serious penalties. The only trick is hosting your website in a country with solid press protection like Sweden.

What is restricted in your country may be allowed in the mine. For instance, the online casino is a booming business in the US but restricted in Asia. Entrepreneurs in the United States are also prohibited from selling pharmaceuticals directly to consumers without prescription but it is allowed in Asia. Other than bowing to local regulations, you can host your website in a different country and make money.

Most offshore hosting companies provide anonymous services. They have no interest in identifying their customers; payment is through bitcoins. Communication is only through an anonymous email account. You don’t share any identification details with the company. This is one of the top reasons people prefer offshore hosting.

Some locations are renowned for friendly legal environments and tax advantages. On this, you have to extensively research on specifics before subscribing to any services. While it is true there are taxes and legal benefits to offshore hosting, be cautious about some deals.

Best Offshore Hosting Providers who ignore DMCA Complain

People often assume running a website anonymously involves illegal business on the dark web. While it is true, it is not always the case. There are several legitimate reasons; some bloggers cover sensitive topics, others avoid celebrity labels. Anonymity simply protects you from unwanted attention.

Offshore hosting is a trend in the information and technology industry. There are numerous offshore hosts, which makes it difficult to identify a legitimate and reliable provider. But you don’t have to stress anymore; here is a list of the top 10 best offshore hosts.


OrangeWebsite Icelandic Web Hosting with Free Speech OrangeWebsite- Offshore Hosting

OrangeWebsiteis based in Iceland. The country is free from US and UK ties; it is also renowned for freedom in speech. This provider guarantees your online privacy. The host not only offers you security from government interference but also independence. The responsive rate and efficiency of the website are incomparable. The provider boasts of 99.9% uptime, which is a guarantee of the reliability of its services. Also, OrangeWebsite offers a 30 day-money-back guarantee.

Customer services are incredible as evidenced by customer reviews. The customer care representatives are not only professionals but also warm and responsive. You can easily contact the provider through online form or ticket system that are available 24/7.


  • Outstanding customer support
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • Variety of plans
  • Utmost privacy


  • Limited storage and bandwidth

Icy Evolution

Icy Evolution

The Mauritius based provider distinguishes itself from other offshore hosts by offering a Linux/Windows choice. It includes various hosting options including shared server, dedicated server, and virtual private server (VPS). Icy evolution has an impressive price and resources flexibility; you cannot miss a suitable plan for your budget. However, there are no significant differences in features with web host packages.

Customer support is available on email and phone on 7/7 basis. They also run a live chat.


  • Unlimited storage and bandwidth
  • Various hosting types
  • 45-day money-back guarantee


  • Limited websites
  • Only long contract types
  • No uptime guarantee


Nine Internet Solutions

If the experience of the provider is your priority then this is your best option. The provider is based in Zurich, Switzerland. It is one of the oldest providers in the industry, since 1999. The credibility and reliability of its services are not in question; Unicef and World Vision are some of its top clients. The provider offers additional services and a wealth of options. If you need a Swiss offshore host, will not disappoint.


  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • ISO and Linux certified solutions
  • Variety of hosting options


  • Limited storage
  • Set-up separate fees
  • Extra fee for priority customer support

Offshore Racks

Offshore Hosting Anonymous Hosting Panama Hosting

Offshore Racks offers reliable security and privacy at a considerable price. However, you have to make little sacrifices on network latency and speed. If you are in North America, this is probably the best offshore host because of its proximity and top tier connections. The provider also gives you a 30-day money-back guarantee to try your preferred plan. The trial period is free from risks. Offshore Racks is based in Panama.


  • Variety of hosting types
  • Quick server provisioning
  • 99.8% uptime guarantee
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Extra fees for advanced features
  • Limited storage and bandwidth
  • Limited security support


Curaçao Offshore hosting - Caribbean web hosting specialists

The Caribbean Island-based provider is the best for hosting your e-gambling site; efficiency in setting up their hosting services in incredible. If you are in South Africa or in the Caribbean, there is no better way to keep your website up and running in a few hours. It is also reliable. The provider is generous with bandwidth.

The company has only few articles available as part of their knowledge base. Unfortunately, customer care is not available through phone or email. Online contact form and ticketing system is not an option.


  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • E-gaming license options
  • Variety of hosting types
  • Choice of hosting location


  • Expensive bandwidth in Caribbean
  • Limited customer support


LibertyVPS - Offshore VPS Hosting

The Netherlands based offshore host specializes in VPS hosting. While it offers other services including shared servers, you will experience its powerful and efficient services if you subscribe to VPS. LibertyVPS offers Windows and Linux systems. Also, their VPS services run on 1 Gbps port speed and LiteSpeed servers; this guarantees you rapid site loading. While the company’s accused of safety loopholes, at least it offers a Bitcoins payment method that guarantees your anonymity.


  • Linux and Windows hosting
  • Instant VPS setup
  • Accepts Bitcoins


  • Limited storage and bandwidth
  • No uptime or money-back guarantee

EDIS Offshore Hosting

EDIS Offshore hosting

EDIS Hosting Provider offers more than anonymity, shared servers, and VPS. Unlike most of the other offshore hosts, the company boosts your search engine results. It includes SEO tools, which automatically customizes your content thus increasing your ratings hence visibility by a web crawler. It serves a wide area; Europe, USA, and Asia. The company is in 19 different locations thus a wide choice of locations. Also, it provides DDoS among other enhanced security features.


  • Numerous locations
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Frees security features


  • Limited storage and websites
  • No uptime or money-back guarantee

RHC – Offshore Hosting

RHC Offshore hosting

The versatility and reliability of this hosting company is incredible. Security features available include Malware scanning, DDoS protection, and remote daily backups. These features are available irrespective of your preferred plan. Hosting plans are numerous, you can’t miss a suitable plan in your budget.

While it doesn’t support refund policy, it is a decent option.


  • 99% uptime guarantee
  • Various hosting options
  • Supports Windows and Linux


  • Limited bandwidth, websites, and storage
  • No refund policy


Managed Cloud Hosting & Dedicated Servers from TEMOK

Temok is based in UAE but exists in numerous locations across continents. It is one of the truly global providers. While it is new in the industry, it has earned a reputation for its reliable and efficient services. Temok runs various technical specifications and a superb suite for customer convenience and flexibility. The various hosting options include dedicated hosting of Linux and Windows. Monthly billing is evidence of the provider’s keen eye on customer flexibility. It also offers a 15-day trial period.


  • 99% up-time guarantee
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Variety of server locations


  • Limited storage


Hostpoint - Web hosting and domains

Hostpoint runs at least 400,000 websites across the globe making it the biggest offshore hosting company in Switzerland. The Zurich-based provider is renowned for incredible speeds and top-notch hardware. The provider’s creativity is impressive; most of its plans have robust features that are incomparable with other hosting companies in the region.

Prices are relatively high but it is all worth it because of the generous resource caps in every package. The provider also offers free SSL certificates and data snapshots. You have to sign up for a 6-month contract. They also offer a 30-day trial period which is amazing.


  • Free data backup
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • DDoS protection and free SSL certificate


  • No uptime guarantee
  • Limited storage and websites


Quality is a priority for choosing an Offshore Hosting Provider. There are standard services but companies may differ in efficiency and reliability. Also, countries differ in prices because of either currency exchange rates or market levels in respective countries. It is important to check on these aspects while sourcing for offshore hosting. For farther Information please keep in touch with our negativeseoexpert team


Ahrefs SEO Tool Review

Ahrefs - Top 5 Rank Tracker

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, it ays that by some changes in algorithms and structural changes of web pages it can drive more traffic to some website by making it appear in the first pages of a web search engine such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, so forth. Ahrefs SEO is one of those companies who offer that service for some price, they are known as one of the best SEO companies because you can dominate your niche of market with that tool and Ahrefs SEO tool does a great job with that.

They allow you to escalate the levels of traffic attention from costumers because this tool can examine keywords and other important things that already great companies have done and you can infer with this data what you need to change regarding contents and other items displayed with this tool. They offer several services that can be organized as follows:

Ahrefs SEO Tool Review

Organic Search Report

With this tool, you can analyze which words are key and essential for websites that rank better in terms of traffic. You can select several ranges and keywords that are useful for you, some niche that your company wants to use or explore as a possible market for your company. It’s all about getting more costumers and traffic is essential to get their attention. The Ahrefs SEO tool can sort several categories that include the list of keywords, the exact number of traffic generated by that link, you can sort by country. That is something important because you want to get the attention especially for the country where your company operates. They have over 240 million keywords in the US and other 100 in the rest of the world. They really cover much of the web.

Keywords Explorer

With this tool, you get the keywords matches and combination to another level. They have more than 3 billion keywords on their databases. With that much information, the machine can give you a wide variety of options to match some keywords and see results from that. With this, you will see which keywords are better to use for your company in order to get more attention. You can increase or decrease the difficulty score of keywords.

This search tool will give you a great opportunity to study trends in the market ideal for your webpage. You can see which URL is getting more traffic by the spells it has, you will probably think that as a general rule URL that is easy to read can have more traffic because it looks more appealing than an aleatory set of numbers and letters without coherence. You can see what keywords within an URL are having better results and exploit that opportunity.

Backlink data

Backlinks are hyperlinks from one web page to another web page that in the end get more traffic to one website. That’s why these are useful for SEO and getting higher on the searching engines. In old times this was the best way to define weblinks rankings. With the big database that Ahrefs SEO possesses they can search all matches and all the information about backlinks. That way you can see what pages that refer to another are having more traffic and you can see how to do backlinks to your own company to take advantage of that.

Content Explorer

With this tool, you can type keywords and it will show a list of content for all the pages that have those keywords in common and it will also show for each webpage the content for performance in social media (which could be useful depending on the age of importance for the target of your market niche, for example, Facebook could mean more importance to mature people in contrast with Instagram). The content will also display backlinks and what articles mention your keywords. That way you can improve greatly and find what to attack the market.

Rank Tracker

They offer you a powerful tool for tracking your keyword rankings to show you a graphic of performance of the history of traffic for your website to keep track and check when to make some changes of structure and other elements of your website to act accordingly to trends as the year goes on. Here are the top 5 Rank Tracker


This tool is what sets apart Ahrefs SEO from other competitors. They offer you email notifications of when your competitors get or lose some backlinks. That offers you an automatic advantage of when to act for beating your competitors. You can also setup alerts for keywords that can be useful for your business company. You can keep track of when someone mentions the special keyword that your company is using.

With all these tools Ahrefs SEO offers you too much data and information that can be useful for your company to exploit several aspects like keywords, backlinks, social media, and references. All of that can be used as an excellent opportunity to drive more traffic to your website and get more attention and more money to your company. In the global market and in every competition, there is a phrase that says: copy successful trends and features. With Ahrefs SEO Tool you can do that with tools that reflect the behavior of changes on the internet, you can copy important information about keywords and backlist of successful high traffic webpages.

Do Competitive Research With Ahrefs SEO Tool (Video Guide)

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Linkfarm – Dark Impact of Link Farming

Linkfarm - Dark Impact of Link Farming

Welcome to my blog. I am a professional SEO and Digital Marketing Expert. This blog is about Negative SEO tactics and the process of Recovery. You may already know that negative SEO is a Dark Art of SEO. As a professional SEO expert for more than ten years, I have seen a lot of Algorithm updates, and I better know how search engines react against Different SEO methods.

For example “Link Farm” Was the best tactic to rank a website within a very short time. For low and medium competitive Keywords, I used to rank a website within 24hours using the Link farming Method. It was my favorite methods until Google updated a new Algorithm called “Google Penguin”. Google Penguin first announced on April 24, 2012, and it has been updated several times till now.

The main purpose of launching Google Penguin was to detect Link Farming and Penalized websites that use this tactic to manipulate SERPs. So, today I am going to discuss the link farming method that is considered as the BlackHat SEO process that might become the main cause of the rank drop.

Some peoples still use links firming tactics to rank their website. I know a lot of guys who used to follow this process until they got penalized by Google. There is a saying “Stealing is not a crime if not caught”. So Link firm is an amazing way to rank until Google detects it. If you can do it properly, you will get rank; otherwise, you will be penalized.

What is Link Farming?

The basic concept of link Farming is link exchanging among a group of websites. So basically, link Farm is a process of interlinking among couples of similar websites aimed to increase the link popularity of all websites which will ultimately increase Search Engine ranking for all of them.

For example, A – B – C – D Are four websites, “Website A” gives Backlinks to B, C, and D. In return “Website A” gets links from B, C, and D. So there will be an interlinking among these websites. Each website gives links to another. So there will be a link juice for every website. So link’s popularity will be increased for each website for better ranking.

Why Link Farming causes Penalizes?

Search Engine like Google focuses on Filtering its search page for the Best Result. It always tries to rank the website which is informative for users. On the other hand, people follow Link Farming for the purpose of manipulating search results. With the link farming method, the worst website or less informative website might rank in the top position which might mislead search engine users.

So for ranking the best websites on the top position of Google search page, Google always tries to find out if someone is trying to manipulate the SERPs. If Google finds someone trying to manipulate the Search engine Rank position by Link farm method, Google initially ranks drop these websites that are involved in link farming. Google Penguin algorithm always tries to find out if there is a link firming before placing the top position.
If you are thinking about White hat SEO to rank your site, don’t even think about it. If you are already doing link farming, then stop it now and take corrective action for recovery before you get a flag by Google.

Corrective action if you involved in Link Firms

If you are running a business website and engaged in Link Farming process without being aware of the dark side of it, there is the process you should follow before getting penalized:

Step 1: If you are doing this kind of activities, then stop it right now

Step 2: Remove outgoing links

Step 3: Find out all links made for your site (links exchange or PBN’s links)

Step 4: Disavow them by using the Disavow Links Tool

Step 5: Update some informative Articles with proper interlinking

Step 6: This step is required if you are already got punished by Google. Just follow the instruction above, and then make a Reconsideration Requests to Google by using Search Console Tools

Negative SEO with link Farming Method

As Google penalizes websites which are involved in link farming, So SEO expert tries to take advantage of this method to rank drop of their competitors. Though this is a very complicated process, still experts are doing this for kicking out of their competitors.

In case of doing negative SEO for Competitors, Experts use a kind of similar process. As they don’t have access to linking back from their competitors, So they use a method of building PBNs with interlinking then point links from these PBN’s to the competitors.

Check the diagram below to get a clear idea of how Negative SEO Expert uses Link Farming Method for Doing Negative SEO of their competitors.

Linkfarm - Dark Impact of Link Farming

So this is all about Links Farming. If you are practicing white-hat SEO for your brand then stay away from it. You can use this process for your competitor’s website if you want to drop their ranking from search engine.

Top 5 Rank Tracker

Ahrefs rank Tracker

Top 5 SEO Tool to Tracker Your Website Rank Position

Which one is the best tool to check the keyword position in search engines?



As a professional SEO or a successful blogger, you must know how important it is to know where your keyword ranks in search results.

However, in order to make your job easier and quicker, we’ve worked a lot and finally found out Top 5 Rank Tracker Tools.

Keep reading our article. Definitely, you’ll find the best check tool to pick the right keyword and track its position in search.

So let’s start!


  1. ahrefs

Want to reveal why your competitors are ranking so high?

Then, ahrefs is a great tool to find the exact keywords that your competitors are ranking for.

It is one of the most powerful toolsets for backlinks and SEO analysis. It will give you the relevant keyword ideas and traffic estimation. In addition, you’ll learn what you need to do to outrank your competitors. Check Ahrefs SEO Tool Review

Key Features

  • Multi-language keyword rank tracking
  • Position tracking and Position reports via email
  • Real-time keyword mention alerts
  • Competitor backlink notifications
  • Competitors’ organic traffic

Ahrefs - Top 5 Rank Tracker

2. SERPbook

Looking for a simple, fast and cost-effective keyword rank check tool?

Then, SERPbook is a leader in SEO rank tracking.

The tool features a very simple interface. In addition, its blazing fast working speed allows you to quickly access the data you need. Above all, it is exactly what you need for the right price.

Key Features

  • Local and regional keywords tracking
  • Daily updates to keyword rank changes
  • Additional on-demand update checks
  • Best notification system
  • Google analytics integration


3. SEMRush

Have you been looking for a versatile SEO tool for online marketing?

Then, SEMRush is a great tool for you.

You can do a complete SEO audit of your niche with this powerful tool. Whatever you expect from an SEO tool, SEMRush can provide you.

keyword research, check competitor ranks, check backlinks, track keyword ranking- you can do all these with just a single tool “SEMRush”.

Key Features

  • Easy to manage interface
  • Video advertising research
  • Social media analysis
  • Side-by-side domain comparison


4. SERPWatcher

Want to track overall progress with one key metric?

Then, SERPWatcher is one of the best rank tracking tool for tracking keyword positions in Google SERP.

It provides the most insightful feedback on all critical data on one screen. Its powerful overview will help you to understand the organic traffic and the progress of your SERP for various keywords.

Key Features

  • Effective rank tracking
  • Daily keyword positions updates
  • Track results for specific locations
  • Track desktop and mobile results


5. Pro Rank Tracker

Pro Rank Tracker is one of the most reliable SEO tools for Keyword tracking across multiple search engines and websites.

This powerful tool has a lot of features to help you to know exactly where your keywords are ranking. Its nice and simple user interfaces will not only save your time but also maximize your profits.

Key Features

  • Impressive search engine coverage
  • Daily updates and updates on demand
  • Guaranteed data privacy
  • Professional interface


Top 5 Rank Checker Tools we shared in our article are widely popular and some of them are premium tools. Take advantage of these tools for checking the position of keywords in search engines.



Top 10 Social Bookmarking site list for High Quality Do-follow Backlinks

Social Bookmarking site

Social Bookmarking sites are undoubtedly the best way to build quick and high-Quality Backlinks which will increase your site’s authority in a couple of days. Your challenges are to find out high authority do follow Social bookmarking sites and bookmark your website URL continuously with perfect Title and Meta description. Social bookmarking can help you get backlinks and increase traffic to your website. It also helps to get your link indexed by Google in a matter of minutes.


Let’s talk about social sites and the relationship with Google and why social bookmarking is important for website owners. Social bookmarking can do wonders for improving search page ranking in Google and other search engines such as Yahoo and Bing. I always Use them to Increase juice for My Parasite SEO

One of the many criteria that Google uses to determine web page ranking and web page placement is the number of backlinks directed to your website. The more backlinks to a particular website the more Google sees your site as an authority site. After all, if other sites are linking to your site, it must be important.

The key is not to overuse social bookmarking. In the mean, search engine spiders will consider all over bookmarks sites to be spam and see this is merely a means to generate traffic. Avoid this at all costs or you run the risk of being removed completely from the Google index. This means your site will no longer be found when people are searching for you. A good rule to follow is to socially bookmark your site each time you produce new content. So if you write a new article or have news that your view is would be interested. So, You should bookmark the new content with five to ten social bookmarking sites.

If you do this daily or at least a few times each week your backlinks will grow rapidly and so will the authority ranking of your website.

Top 10 Do follow Social Bookmarking sites I prefer

Social Bookmarking sites list

Here is the list of top 10 Do follow Social Bookmarking sites you can use to get high-quality links to improve your site authority and ranking.

SiteDo FollowWebsite RanksPages IndexedWebsite Backlinks
Compete: n/a
Alexa:2,337,065 78,353
Google: 6,170,000
Compete: n/a
Quantcast: 31
Alexa:36,787 155,548
Compete: n/a



All Sites mentioned Above are High in Matrix (Moz/Alexa/Ahrefs)

These are the best list for me. You can use these top 10 Do-follow Social Bookmarking sites to bookmark your website URL. Just open an account and submit your website’s entire article. You will see some high-quality links coming from these Bookmaking Sites that will help to increase your site overall authority and search engine Ranking.

Here is the list of other high-quality social Bookmarking sites you probably like:


Besides these Social Bookmarking sites, you can share your website’s URL on Social Networking sites like:

  1. Facebook
  2. Google Plus
  3. Twitter
  4. Linked In
  5. VK

Advice: Always Use Proxy or VPN Servers to Bookmark your site’s URLs. Keep Bookmarking On a Daily Basis, you will notice a significant Rank improvement in a Couple of Weeks. Make them looks natural and never engaged in linkfarming. For More update please keep in touch with negativeseoexpert