Parasite SEO : How to Rank with Barnacle SEO Services

Parasite SEO-Barnacle SEO

What Is Parasite SEO And How Does It Work?

What Is Parasite SEO?

Parasite SEO is an old SEO technique of utilizing the high authority or top-ranking web 2.0 Properties or social media platforms for highly competitive keywords in order to boost the traffic of your website, webpage, or content.

Want Your Parasite #1 of Google ?

These high authority websites give the opportunity to submit a link, webpage, or article on their websites and thus you can take leverage of these websites to increase your website’s traffic. But, I would remind you that while using these websites never try to do spamming. If you are caught spamming, you will be restricted to use their services or your account may get blocked permanently.

Coming to the term which I discussed, in the beginning, was Barnacle SEO. It differs slightly as compared to parasite SEO. Basically Barnacle SEO is nothing but using larger reputable websites to promote your website to gain traffic. This term was coined by Will Scott. He explained in his original publication as “attaching oneself to a large fixed object and waiting for the customers to float by in the current.

I hope you have got the basic idea of what is Parasite SEO. Now let us understand how does Parasite SEO works?

How Does Parasite SEO Work

First of all, in order to implement this technique, you would need to create your account on those high authority websites or social media platforms which allows submitting content or links on their website.

So, after creating an account on high DA and PA sites, simply, you would need to create a high-quality content of more than 1000+ words and then blast social signals and links at it. If you follow this strategy smartly then your webpage or website will be on the first page of Google soon.

So, I hope your concept is getting clearer as we are progressing ahead right? Now let me tell you the benefits of implementing this technique.


Parasite SEO Services
Parasite SEO Services
Parasite SEO-Barnacle SEO
barnacle SEO

Benefits Of Parasite SEO technique

Let me tell you that there are so many valid reasons to use Parasite SEO but I would like to share with you a few of its benefits so that you would understand why it is so important.

  1. Google trusts high authority websites. So if you submit links of your new website on these platforms then your website or webpage will start ranking on the first page of Google without any backlinks.
  2. No matter if you get a No-follow or do follow links on these websites. Their high DA (Domain Authority) is enough for the uplifting ranking of your new website.
  3. You can build high-quality backlinks relatively in a short interval of time.
  4. You do not need to worry about Google’s penalty if you build a link using Parasite SEO techniques. As I have already told you that Google loves high authority websites.
  5. High authority sites would help your site to get more Click Through Rate (CTR).
  6. Exposure to referral traffic to your website.
  7. PR exposure.
  8. Many sites also give free guest posting opportunities. So, write high-quality engaging content on these web 2.0 sites.
  9. At last, you get an opportunity to promote your content, WebPages, or links on well established and highly popular brands.

These are the few of the many benefits you will get when you start implementing the Barnacle SEO technique (Parasite SEO) for link building.

Let us see what are the activities you can do while leveraging this strategy


  • Guest Blogging: Submit content on the high authority site. Guest Posting is one of the best methods to create high-quality backlinks. It doesn’t matter if you get a do-follow or no-follow backlinks while doing guest blogging. If a website I big then you will get huge traffic for your website.
  • Participation in Roundups: Roundups are the short piece of information by the industry expert. So, always try to participate in roundup because these short pieces of information are always shared in social media by the expert and participants
  • Local listing: Submit your website URL in Local submission sites such as Google My Business and Bing.
  • Press Release Submission: Try to write high-quality content around your targeted keyword which you want to rank on Google search engine and then submit to the popular Press release sites.

These are the few of the many benefits when you start implementing this SEO technique for link building. I hope, you have understood the benefits of this technique. Now let me share with you tips and tricks about how you will implement this strategy.

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Tips and Tricks For Parasite SEO

  1. Always try to write high-quality content of more than 1000 words to utilize the guest posting opportunity.
  2. Do not copy and paste the already published post.
  3. Never spam by submitting too many links to your article. This may lead to the termination of your account.
  4. Use the trustable website to submit your guest post. Always check their spam score using the Moz toolbar.

Best Platforms to Implement Parasite SEO

Finally, after sharing the tips and tricks for Parasite SEO, the time has come to reveal the best platforms where you can implement the Barnacle SEO. But do remember, before using these websites, you would need to create an account on each of them using your valid email address.

Given below are the lists of best sites which you can use to increase your ranking on Google and can get huge organic traffic.

  • Medium: Medium is one of the best sites for publishing or submitting posts. It accepts all kinds of articles from lifestyle to tech. Article published here always results in the first page of Google with the feature snippets. It has DA (MOZ) is 96 and PA(MOZ) is 80. AND DR 85 (Ahrefs)
  • Quora: Quora is a Q/A site with Domain authority (DA) 93. Basically, it is a question and answers sites. If you find question-related to your niche here, then you can answer it by writing a short answer by inserting your blog links. Do, remember do not submit more than 1 link here; otherwise, your answer may get banned by Quora.
  • com: Weebly is a website builder with DA (Moz) around 93. Here you can easily create a website, blog or online store and can effectively leverage the benefits of this high authority website and can make use of the parasite SEO.
  • HubPages: It is a user-generated content and revenue sharing website. It came into existence in the year 2006. Earlier, it was the product of Squidoo but on August 15, 2014, it was acquired by HubPages.
  • Buzzfeed: Buzzfeed is American based internet media, news, and an entertainment company. You can leverage the benefit of this website to gain traffic for your new website. Be Before submitting your guest article here, I would recommend you read its terms and condition because they often reject and suspend an account, if they find anything fishy or spammy.
  • Google My Business: Google My Business has become an important strategy for local SEO. So, I would suggest you claim your Google My Business profile if you do not have. Provide all of your correct info such as an address, opening time, photos and ask the customer to leave a review and respond to them as well.
  • LinkedIn Profile: Make proper use of the LinkedIn profile. It gives an opportunity to create a company page on their high authority website.
  • Facebook Business Page: Facebook is one of the widely used social media platforms. If you are looking for worldwide customers then you can make use Facebook. Create a business page and submit your website link on the page. If you are looking for huge traffic for your website then you can use its paid feature to promote your website.
  • Twitter Profile: Twitter is a microblogging and social networking site. It has 48.35 million monthly active Twitter users in the US.
  • Pinterest: Another popular social media platform that can help you to gain traffic for your website is Pinterest. It has a domain authority of 94 (MOZ). So, first of all, create your business account here and then claim your business. After claiming your business start creating pins and boards according to your niche. The advantage of using Pinterest is that you get an option to insert links for each of the pin you create here.
  • YouTube: YouTube I the second most popular social media platform and it has more than 1.9 billion users worldwide. In order to make use of YouTube, you would need to create a channel with high-quality engaging videos. Thus, if you do it smartly you will not only get traffic for your website, it will also increase brand awareness.
  • Tumblr: Tumblr is another high authority web 2.0 which you can use to take leverage of its high authority by submitting your site’s or posts link along with this you can publish a well-written article.
  • Reddit: Reddit is a web content rating social media platform where you can submit links of your blogs, you can write an article and can upvote other people post on the subreddit.

These are few of the high authority websites which you can use while implementing the parasite SEO and can increase your website traffic.

Another popular web 2.0 and social media platform which you can leverage are:

  • Rebelmouse
  • PR Web
  • SB Wire
  • PR Log
  • Daily Motion Pages
  • iTunes App/Song/Movie Page
  • Vimeo
  • Soundcloud Music Pages
  • Google Marketplace App/Song/Movie Page
  • Yelp, Houzz, Growth Hackers
  • Doplash
  • Indibloghub
  • Appsumo product Page
  • Amazon Product Page
  • Lynda Page

Note: Carefully use these sites for implementing a parasite SEO strategy. If the website owners find something fishy such as if they find that you are pointing too many links on the article then they may remove your content. So, I would suggest you avoid inserting too many links. Especially in BuzzFeed and Reddit. These two websites follow loads of protocols. So, always reads the terms and conditions and guidelines of this web 2.0 while submitting your articles or guest post.


I hope, I was able to clear your concept on Parasite SEO or Barnacle SEO. So, before implementing this strategy I would suggest you that always perform keyword research. Once you are done with Kw research try to go for long-tail and le competitive keyword with high volume. After doing the keyword research try to write a high-quality content of more than 1000 words and then implement the strategy.

If you do it correctly and smartly then no one is going to stop your webpage to rank high on the first page of Google.

Before using this old technique it is important for all of you to have proper knowledge of off-page SEO and On-Page SEO. If you have proper knowledge of these two topics then only you would be able to utilize the parasite SEO properly.

On the other hand, if you do not have time for SEO then you can take our service. Our Negative SEO expert will do their best to rank your webpage by implementing all the SEO technique including the Barnacle SEO as well. If you liked this article, then please comment on the comment box below and let me know about this article. if you are looking for Negative SEO service or Online Reputation Management Service, then feel free to contact us.