Negative SEO

Now days Negative SEO has become so popular among the struggling competitors. Besides White hat SEO, peoples are also focusing on Blackhat SEO (which consider as Negative SEO) of their competitors, so that. they (competitors) can’t get a better place in Google search page.

Why people are doing that?

People are doing Blackhat SEO to lower the ranking of their competitor’s website and getting SERP (search engine results page) Increase of their Own Niche Site.

For example: With a specific Keyword, there are 10 result in Google first page, Suppose Mr. X’s Website is on 5th position, where as first 4 results are his competitors. Now if he does negative SEO for their competitors and if he became successful, all his competitors are gone and his website is going to get the 1st position. That was the basic motive of getting Negative SEO Services. (There are couples of provable motive of doing Blackhat SEO)

What is Negative SEO?

Negative SEO is nothing but a process of de-ranking competitors website from search engine. It’s a simple process to rank drop of a specific URL or a competitor’s website from Google Search page.

Is it really Possible?

To get the answer, you have to get some knowledge about the Google search engine, how Google place rank of a particular Web page.

Before 2012, SEO was nothing but focusing on Article and Link Building. Yes, More Do-follow links from high Page Rank Website, Higher the rank position. Back in that time some link building tools like SenukeX, Xrumer, Scrapebox became so popular for SEO purpose.

In 2012 Google made the biggest algorithm update by introducing Google: Penguin Update

The penguin Started penalizing sites with unnatural, irrelevant and paid Backlinks from private blog network. Due to Penguin update there was a massive change in search filter. As a result, a large number of website deranked. Some websites are even permanently banned (deindexed) by Google.

You can find thousands of website on which got banned by google for negative spam links attack

So it’s Possible to Rank Drop of a Website with Negative SEO Services.


How to make a Negative SEO Campaign Successful?

Well, there are couples of process, SEO experts follows to derank a website. Among them, there are 6 tactics which are really effective and powerful to ruin a websites ranking.

 Effective Negative SEO Practice:

  • Bulk and Low Quality Back-links

According to Google Penguin, you can rank higher with high quality niche relevant backlinks but low quality irrelevant links will ruin ranking. Building bulk irrelevant spam links is the most use and successful tactics for Negative SEO campaign. If you want to ruin a website, just create as many links as possible from low quality, high OBL, Nofollow Backlinks from spammed domains. The tools I mentioned above ( Scrapebox and Xrumer) Is used to create bulk links overnight and that is fairly enough to ruin a sites search Engine Position.

  • URL Redirects

This concept is very unfamiliar but very useful process. This one is very popular for Blackhat SEO. It is cost effective too. Under this process you need to buy some domains which is already penalized by Google for having millions of spam links and simple host it and redirect to your competitors website so that all spam links is counted for your competitors site. (Building direct links comes with superior power than redirecting method)

  • Adult anchored links

This is a process of negative branding for a particular website by which Expert create links from spam or from good sites using adult or gambling keyword (e.g Porn video, gambling, buy Viagra online etc).

  • Hidden links

Hidden links was very popular for Blackhat SEO expert before the penguin update. It used to rank up of a website overnight. Hidden links is kind of links which are not visible by the reader or user but its crawl able by the search engine. Only search engine have ability to crawl such links and it’s really harmful for a site

  • Duplicate Content attract or copy paste attack

Google is very concern about the content of a website, if a website has copy content Google will not place rank to the domain. Some SEO tools such as Article Marketing Robot, Market Samurai, SenukeTNG are used to apply this process. Webmaster simple copy competitors site and publish to thousands of article directory and web 2 properties.

  • Negative Review Attack

Negative SEO Review

This is not a direct Negative SEO Tactics but indirect tactics. People will not show interest with website or business that has very low Ratings. So if you are successful to make a lot of negative review about your competitors, they will lose potential customers. This is bit time consuming tactics.

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Protect your Website from Negative SEO Attack

Without Ranking no business can be successful. It took lot of effort and investment to rank a website but it takes couple of weeks to ruin a website’s ranking. So if you want to achieve the success, you must have to monitor your site in a regular basis to prevent the Negative SEO Attack.

Here are the things you need to focus and maintain to protect your site and keep your ranking up.

Track your Ranking:

This is the regular activity you need to do. Always Check your site ranking. If there is a significant change in ranking (Rank up or Down over night), you need to find out if there is suspicious activity. You can track your site ranking by Ahrefs rank Tracker or SERPBook Rank checker tools.

Check Traffic Source:

You might be happy to see that there is a large number of traffic starts visiting your site. But you should be happy always. Organic Traffic or traffic from relevant referral article is definitely blessing but if you got redirect traffic from spam site then it’s really a threat for you. So always keep an eye on your site’s Traffic source.

Monitor Your Backlinks Profile:

You should always monitor your Backlinks profile.  I suggest Ahrefs site explorer to monitor your Backlinks profile. If you find spam links, disavow them without making any delay.

Monitor your Social Profile:

Always monitor your Social profile and check if someone making bad profile representing you. would be the right choice to find mentions of your business name on social media.

Create Alert:

Create an alert on Google Webmaster tools or Ahrefs by using your Email address to get notify about backlink Profile.

Make the proper use of disavow tools:

Disavow tool is the ultimate and only one option to protect and recover your website from Negative Links. So make a proper use of it.

Protect your Content:

Content is the king. So always try to protect your content. When you publish content, immediately submit the URL to Crawl by Google using Search Console so that Google read the content on your website first.

Another thing you need to do is monitoring your website content to check if someone has copied your content. You can use to find out Duplicate content. If you find duplicate content, immediately make a DMCA Claim on Google.

copyscape tool

Check Your Website security:

Make sure the best security for your website so that no one can hack or malware attack to your website. You can use Google Authenticator plugin for WP

Check your Website Speed:

Always check your website speed by using Website speed test

Don’t put footprint if you are doing Negative SEO for competitors :

If you are doing negative SEO of your Competitors, make sure to hide your ass, so that competitors can’t figure it out that it’s you doing Negative SEO for their Website.

Don’t make enemies:

Do not make enemy, they might choose your business to give you a lesson.