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Top 5 SEO Tool to Tracker Your Website Rank Position

Which one is the best tool to check the keyword position in search engines?



As a professional SEO or a successful blogger, you must know how important it is to know where your keyword ranks in search results.

However, in order to make your job easier and quicker, we’ve worked a lot and finally found out Top 5 Rank Tracker Tools.

Keep reading our article. Definitely, you’ll find the best check tool to pick the right keyword and track its position in search.

So let’s start!


  1. ahrefs

Want to reveal why your competitors are ranking so high?

Then, ahrefs is a great tool to find the exact keywords that your competitors are ranking for.

It is one of the most powerful toolsets for backlinks and SEO analysis. It will give you the relevant keyword ideas and traffic estimation. In addition, you’ll learn what you need to do to outrank your competitors. Check Ahrefs SEO Tool Review

Key Features

  • Multi-language keyword rank tracking
  • Position tracking and Position reports via email
  • Real-time keyword mention alerts
  • Competitor backlink notifications
  • Competitors’ organic traffic

Ahrefs - Top 5 Rank Tracker

2. SERPbook

Looking for a simple, fast and cost-effective keyword rank check tool?

Then, SERPbook is a leader in SEO rank tracking.

The tool features a very simple interface. In addition, its blazing fast working speed allows you to quickly access the data you need. Above all, it is exactly what you need for the right price.

Key Features

  • Local and regional keywords tracking
  • Daily updates to keyword rank changes
  • Additional on-demand update checks
  • Best notification system
  • Google analytics integration


3. SEMRush

Have you been looking for a versatile SEO tool for online marketing?

Then, SEMRush is a great tool for you.

You can do a complete SEO audit of your niche with this powerful tool. Whatever you expect from an SEO tool, SEMRush can provide you.

keyword research, check competitor ranks, check backlinks, track keyword ranking- you can do all these with just a single tool “SEMRush”.

Key Features

  • Easy to manage interface
  • Video advertising research
  • Social media analysis
  • Side-by-side domain comparison


4. SERPWatcher

Want to track overall progress with one key metric?

Then, SERPWatcher is one of the best rank tracking tool for tracking keyword positions in Google SERP.

It provides the most insightful feedback on all critical data on one screen. Its powerful overview will help you to understand the organic traffic and the progress of your SERP for various keywords.

Key Features

  • Effective rank tracking
  • Daily keyword positions updates
  • Track results for specific locations
  • Track desktop and mobile results


5. Pro Rank Tracker

Pro Rank Tracker is one of the most reliable SEO tools for Keyword tracking across multiple search engines and websites.

This powerful tool has a lot of features to help you to know exactly where your keywords are ranking. Its nice and simple user interfaces will not only save your time but also maximize your profits.

Key Features

  • Impressive search engine coverage
  • Daily updates and updates on demand
  • Guaranteed data privacy
  • Professional interface


Top 5 Rank Checker Tools we shared in our article are widely popular and some of them are premium tools. Take advantage of these tools for checking the position of keywords in search engines.



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