Linkfarm – Dark Impact of Link Farming

Welcome to my blog. I am a professional SEO and Digital Marketing Expert. This blog is about Negative SEO tactics and the process of Recovery. You may already know that negative SEO is a Dark Art of SEO. As a professional SEO expert for more than ten years, I have seen a lot of Algorithm updates, and I better know how search engines react against Different SEO methods.

For example “Link Farm” Was the best tactic to rank a website within a very short time. For low and medium competitive Keywords, I used to rank a website within 24hours using the Link farming Method. It was my favorite methods until Google updated a new Algorithm called “Google Penguin”. Google Penguin first announced on April 24, 2012, and it has been updated several times till now.

The main purpose of launching Google Penguin was to detect Link Farming and Penalized websites that use this tactic to manipulate SERPs. So, today I am going to discuss the link farming method that is considered as the BlackHat SEO process that might become the main cause of the rank drop.

Some peoples still use links firming tactics to rank their website. I know a lot of guys who used to follow this process until they got penalized by Google. There is a saying “Stealing is not a crime if not caught”. So Link firm is an amazing way to rank until Google detects it. If you can do it properly, you will get rank; otherwise, you will be penalized.

What is Link Farming?

The basic concept of link Farming is link exchanging among a group of websites. So basically, link Farm is a process of interlinking among couples of similar websites aimed to increase the link popularity of all websites which will ultimately increase Search Engine ranking for all of them.

For example, A – B – C – D Are four websites, “Website A” gives Backlinks to B, C, and D. In return “Website A” gets links from B, C, and D. So there will be an interlinking among these websites. Each website gives links to another. So there will be a link juice for every website. So link’s popularity will be increased for each website for better ranking.

Why Link Farming causes Penalizes?

Search Engine like Google focuses on Filtering its search page for the Best Result. It always tries to rank the website which is informative for users. On the other hand, people follow Link Farming for the purpose of manipulating search results. With the link farming method, the worst website or less informative website might rank in the top position which might mislead search engine users.

So for ranking the best websites on the top position of Google search page, Google always tries to find out if someone is trying to manipulate the SERPs. If Google finds someone trying to manipulate the Search engine Rank position by Link farm method, Google initially ranks drop these websites that are involved in link farming. Google Penguin algorithm always tries to find out if there is a link firming before placing the top position.
If you are thinking about White hat SEO to rank your site, don’t even think about it. If you are already doing link farming, then stop it now and take corrective action for recovery before you get a flag by Google.

Corrective action if you involved in Link Firms

If you are running a business website and engaged in Link Farming process without being aware of the dark side of it, there is the process you should follow before getting penalized:

Step 1: If you are doing this kind of activities, then stop it right now

Step 2: Remove outgoing links

Step 3: Find out all links made for your site (links exchange or PBN’s links)

Step 4: Disavow them by using the Disavow Links Tool

Step 5: Update some informative Articles with proper interlinking

Step 6: This step is required if you are already got punished by Google. Just follow the instruction above, and then make a Reconsideration Requests to Google by using Search Console Tools

Negative SEO with link Farming Method

As Google penalizes websites which are involved in link farming, So SEO expert tries to take advantage of this method to rank drop of their competitors. Though this is a very complicated process, still experts are doing this for kicking out of their competitors.

In case of doing negative SEO for Competitors, Experts use a kind of similar process. As they don’t have access to linking back from their competitors, So they use a method of building PBNs with interlinking then point links from these PBN’s to the competitors.

Check the diagram below to get a clear idea of how Negative SEO Expert uses Link Farming Method for Doing Negative SEO of their competitors.

Linkfarm - Dark Impact of Link Farming

So this is all about Links Farming. If you are practicing white-hat SEO for your brand then stay away from it. You can use this process for your competitor’s website if you want to drop their ranking from search engine.

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