Ahrefs SEO Tool Review

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, it ays that by some changes in algorithms and structural changes of web pages it can drive more traffic to some website by making it appear in the first pages of a web search engine such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, so forth. Ahrefs SEO is one of those companies who offer that service for some price, they are known as one of the best SEO companies because you can dominate your niche of market with that tool and Ahrefs SEO tool does a great job with that.

They allow you to escalate the levels of traffic attention from costumers because this tool can examine keywords and other important things that already great companies have done and you can infer with this data what you need to change regarding contents and other items displayed with this tool. They offer several services that can be organized as follows:

Ahrefs SEO Tool Review

Organic Search Report

With this tool, you can analyze which words are key and essential for websites that rank better in terms of traffic. You can select several ranges and keywords that are useful for you, some niche that your company wants to use or explore as a possible market for your company. It’s all about getting more costumers and traffic is essential to get their attention. The Ahrefs SEO tool can sort several categories that include the list of keywords, the exact number of traffic generated by that link, you can sort by country. That is something important because you want to get the attention especially for the country where your company operates. They have over 240 million keywords in the US and other 100 in the rest of the world. They really cover much of the web.

Keywords Explorer

With this tool, you get the keywords matches and combination to another level. They have more than 3 billion keywords on their databases. With that much information, the machine can give you a wide variety of options to match some keywords and see results from that. With this, you will see which keywords are better to use for your company in order to get more attention. You can increase or decrease the difficulty score of keywords.

This search tool will give you a great opportunity to study trends in the market ideal for your webpage. You can see which URL is getting more traffic by the spells it has, you will probably think that as a general rule URL that is easy to read can have more traffic because it looks more appealing than an aleatory set of numbers and letters without coherence. You can see what keywords within an URL are having better results and exploit that opportunity.

Backlink data

Backlinks are hyperlinks from one web page to another web page that in the end get more traffic to one website. That’s why these are useful for SEO and getting higher on the searching engines. In old times this was the best way to define weblinks rankings. With the big database that Ahrefs SEO possesses they can search all matches and all the information about backlinks. That way you can see what pages that refer to another are having more traffic and you can see how to do backlinks to your own company to take advantage of that.

Content Explorer

With this tool, you can type keywords and it will show a list of content for all the pages that have those keywords in common and it will also show for each webpage the content for performance in social media (which could be useful depending on the age of importance for the target of your market niche, for example, Facebook could mean more importance to mature people in contrast with Instagram). The content will also display backlinks and what articles mention your keywords. That way you can improve greatly and find what to attack the market.

Rank Tracker

They offer you a powerful tool for tracking your keyword rankings to show you a graphic of performance of the history of traffic for your website to keep track and check when to make some changes of structure and other elements of your website to act accordingly to trends as the year goes on. Here are the top 5 Rank Tracker


This tool is what sets apart Ahrefs SEO from other competitors. They offer you email notifications of when your competitors get or lose some backlinks. That offers you an automatic advantage of when to act for beating your competitors. You can also setup alerts for keywords that can be useful for your business company. You can keep track of when someone mentions the special keyword that your company is using.

With all these tools Ahrefs SEO offers you too much data and information that can be useful for your company to exploit several aspects like keywords, backlinks, social media, and references. All of that can be used as an excellent opportunity to drive more traffic to your website and get more attention and more money to your company. In the global market and in every competition, there is a phrase that says: copy successful trends and features. With Ahrefs SEO Tool you can do that with tools that reflect the behavior of changes on the internet, you can copy important information about keywords and backlist of successful high traffic webpages.

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